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A Moosewood Thanksgiving

A Moosewood Thanksgiving

If there's one word in America that is synonymous with long-standing vegetarian tradition, it's Moosewood. Generations of home cooks have learned to make meat-free meals from Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks, and the Ithaca, N.Y., eatery was a veg-dining destination long before "destination dining" became trendy. So who better to turn to than the chefs in the Moosewood kitchen for a Thanksgiving feast?

"Thanksgiving is perhaps the most anticipated meal of the year, with diners expecting food that is worthy of a special occasion but also wanting the comfort of the same, familiar menu every year," says Susan Harville of the Moosewood Collective, a group of 19 people who own and operate Moosewood Restaurant. "When you take away the turkey," adds Wynnie Stein, another Moosewood Collective chef, "the host is actually freed up to create a memorable meal that can be both inventive and comforting."

Over the years (35 to be exact), Moosewood chefs have tried quite a few vegetarian Thanksgiving offerings to come up with this menu that fulfills all expectations. The result? A holiday that's a day of peace and plenty.