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Ask a Chef: Aaron Ash

Ask a Chef: Aaron Ash

"What are 'New'dles, and how can I make them at home?"

We asked Aaron Ash, chef and founder of Gorilla Food, a raw, vegan, organic eatery in Vancouver, British Columbia, who's famous for his "New"dles. Here's what he said:

"Gorilla Food 'New'dles are pasta for the raw foodist; they're a fun variation on a traditional food. The recipe couldn't be any easier once you have the right tool: a spiral slicer."

Here's Ash's recipe, which serves two to four people.

Zucchini Linguini "New"dles
1. Wash 2 medium-size zucchini, and cut off tips.
2. Center 1 zucchini on a spiral slicer, with the spokes of the slicer gripping the stem end. Spin the zucchini into "New"dles.
3. Repeat with the second zucchini. Cut "New"dles into desired length.
4. Toss "New"dles in a sauce; they go great with either a light sauce, such as an oil-and-herb vinaigrette, or a heavier cream sauce made from blended, soaked nuts and seasonings. If you choose a creamy sauce, mix thoroughly, and serve promptly, because the water in the zucchini will eventually thin out the sauce.