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Chia Seeds

Popular as a novelty product to the tune of Ch-ch-ch-chia!, the seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant are also becoming known as a functional food. Chia seeds are full of inflammation-fighting antioxidants and heart-healthful omega-3 fats and fiber. Factor in the bone-building trio of calcium (about six times the amount in milk), magnesium, and phosphorus, and you've got an amazing seed worth singing about.

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Refrigerate chia seeds to keep them fresh, and eat 1 to 2 tablespoons daily: mix into yogurt, salads, smoothies, or veggie burger patties; or substitute chia powder for one-quarter of the flour called for in a muffin recipe.

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I add a tablespoon or so of chia seeds to my whole-wheat pizza dough, makes it most superior! I use a bread machine for making my dough.

You should warn your readers that chia seeds lower your blood pressure, and should not be eaten if you already have low blood pressure. I am a distance runner and normally have very low blood pressure. I started adding about 1/2 Tbs. of chia seeds to my smoothie every day, and I passed out twice before I realized it was from the chia seeds.

There's surprisingly little research on chia's health benefits, but you can see an in-depth nutrition profile in an article I wrote on chia here: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Health Benefits of Chia Seeds.</a>

The health benefits of these simple seeds are pretty surprising.I will write about this in my newspaper and magazine.

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