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Cozy Casseroles

Cozy Casseroles

Need some postholiday cooking inspiration? Turn to one of these casseroles. Served piping hot, the hearty layers of luscious ingredients can be assembled ahead, frozen, and baked "fresh" once they're thawed for meals that are simple enough for weeknights and special enough for weekends. We've kept the recipes light on cheese, cream, and high-calorie ingredients so you can enjoy your comfort food without the guilt that usually goes with it. Leftovers taste pretty good too.

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I don't find any real receipes for vegetarian casaroles. I have a son & daughter-in-law who are very particular about low on cheese.....but what is the protein to give them other than nuts?

Barbara, You can obtain protein through grains, lentils, beans, soy, quinoa, and nuts. Most plant sources along don't provide all the essential amino acids to make a complete protein, but when you pair grains with nuts you can obtain a complete protein. For example, lentils and rice combined equal a complete protein. Also, quinoa and soy, while plant sources, DO provide complete proteins when consumed by themselves.

Hi Jessie, Trusting life is finding you lovingly involved and still as curious as ever. Here a few more veggie ideas to mull over, and if I'm duplicating what you already view then pls let me know and I'll simply stop forwarding them. 'Gra