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Dinner à Deux

Dinner à Deux

Is your idea of a great time staying in and cooking a nice dinner? Ever felt the urge to celebrate "nothing special" on a Saturday night? Maybe you just want a casual meal to impress a new sweetie. Whatever your cooking-for-two needs may be, the following menu is for you. Easy but elegant, it'll turn any evening into a chance to relax and unwind together without all the fuss or fancy ingredients that usually go into a gourmet meal.


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Beautiful, my mouth is watering, I just know it's good As our last child at home just moved out, I'm relearning how to cook for just 2 again, it's not too, difficult,but I don't want alot of leftovers! That requires a little meal planning!

You guys are great you always make me smile!! Thank You for shinarg the fakin bacon recipe, can't wait to try it! If anyone hasn't read the Daylight Diet yet, get it , it's great!

That looks great. I think I will try it.

This wild rice dish looks beautiful. I can't wait to try it.