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Dinner in the Raw

Dinner in the Raw

Think preparing raw foods requires special ingredients and time-consuming processes? Think again. The following recipes by Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray, coauthors of The 30 Minute Vegan, prove that raw cuisine can be fast, easy, and delicious year-round.

You don't have to make a radical change in your diet to feel the benefits of eating raw foods, says Reinfeld. "Our suggestion is to take it easy. Eat most of a meal raw or eat a lot of it raw¬ówe like to make cooked pasta, but then top it with a raw sauce, for example."


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Your Mom, Roberta, is a distant friend through my very dear friend, Sarah. Roberta gave me your "idiot's guide to raw" book last year & it helped me so much in my transition from carnivore to vegan/raw for health reasons. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes & the terrific support the book has been.

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