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Gluten-Free Redo: Granola


Crunchy clusters of wholesome goodness—that's what we were going for in this makeover of the beloved breakfast treat. Crumbled rice cakes stand in for oats (which can be tainted with gluten), quinoa flakes add crunch, and a honey-margarine combo holds it all together for a gluten-free granola that's as satisfying as the original. And the price is right: the ingredients add up to a fraction of the cost of commercially made gluten-free cereals.


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I have made this and it was delicious!

I am always amazed at the diversity of recipes that you keep coming up with. But one thing that I can't believe is your continued use of margarine and canola oil - do you really feel it's safe to continue promoting that chemical stuff - neither are natural, they're lab-made, thus not a food that our body can recognise and use, contributing to the toxic build-up already so high, esp. in your country! For as long as this is the case, I cannot be a subscriber of your magazine...