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Crunch your way to a happy heart and a sharper mind

Though we think of almonds as nuts, technically they’re the seed of the fruit of the almond tree. Nut or seed, this is one high-fat food with serious nutritional firepower. Sixty percent of the fatty acids in almonds are the monounsaturated kind, a healthful fat shown to reduce circulating levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol. Almonds are also chock-full of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that protects against cognitive decline and several cancers. The fiber in almond skins may exert a prebiotic effect and increase the beneficial bacteria in the gut to improve digestion and bolster immune defense. To keep your calorie intake in check, limit yourself to 1 ounce (about 25 almonds) per serving.

Choose It & Use It
Almonds are classified into two categories: sweet and bitter, with the former most often sold in stores. Enjoy them as a snack, or toss into granolas, oatmeals, salads, and pilafs. Eating almonds with their skins intact provides more antioxidants. Spread almond butter on hearty whole-grain crackers and bread.

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Gingery Quinoa Salad with Apples, Peas, and Coconut

Gingery Quinoa Salad with Apples, Peas, and Coconut

Vegetable juice gives this grain salad a gorgeous color, a hint of flavor, and a hefty boost of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Cocoa-dusted Glazed Almonds

Cocoa-dusted Glazed Almonds

Candying almonds in the oven is easy as long as you keep a sharp eye on them while baking. When the syrup around the almonds turns a darker shade of brown, they’re done. Omit the cayenne if you prefer a nonspicy sweet treat.


Almond Feta Cheese with Herb Oil

Blanched almonds give this creamy-crumbly cheese a rich texture. Unbaked, it will be smooth and spreadable. Baking will make it a bit more crumbly, like traditional feta cheese.


Smokehouse Crushed Almonds

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Try this crush as a crust for goat cheese; sprinkle it on salads, broccoli, or green beans; or dust over grilled fruit for a spicy-sweet treat. For smoky flavor with less kick, use ancho chile powder instead of chipotle powder.


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Almonds have worked wonders for my complexion. I've had acne since age 12, with major breakouts every couple of weeks. Since I turned to almonds and almond milk, it has completely cleared. I got rid of my face powders, concealers, and acne creams. When I've gone a week or two without them, I breakout again. Acne sufferers, eat your almonds!

Brittany Morrison - 2012-12-13 22:40:37