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Hearty Flavors

Expand your mock-meat repertoire with these veg (and fruit!) options
Hearty Flavors

With all the meat alternatives on the market now, it can be easy to fall into the habit of putting together meals with the same packaged products time and again. (Soy crumbles, anyone?) But with a little creativity, you can turn portobello mushrooms, eggplant, and canned jackfruit into whole-food meat substitutes that are just as versatile, convenient, and tasty.

Tasty Find: Canned Young (or Green) Jackfruit
A fruit that shreds and tastes like chicken? We didn’t believe it until we tried canned young jackfruit. The Thai ingredient has a texture that mimics meat in hearty chilis, saucy stews, even gyros. Find it in Asian grocery stores (be sure to buy canned young jackfruit, not ripe jackfruit in syrup, which is sweet) and try it as a substitute for packaged mock meat crumbles or shreds.

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Jackfruit Gyros

Jackfruit Gyros

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Pile this spicy jackfruit filling into warmed pitas, and serve with soy yogurt, shredded lettuce, sliced onions and tomatoes, and a dash of hot sauce.


Jackfruit Au Vin

In this vegan variation on a French classic, chunks of young jackfruit 
soak up the savory flavors of a wine-based sauce. Serve over rice, pasta, 
or potatoes.


Portobello-Stuffed Poblanos

Portobello mushrooms replace ground pork or beef in this Mexican-inspired dish.

grilled eggplant involtini

Grilled Eggplant Involtini

Grilled eggplant slices have a cutlet texture that’s sturdy enough to stand up to sauces, toppings, and fillings. Here, they are rolled around a tomato-and-olive filling for a veg version of a classic Italian beef recipe.


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