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How do I put out a small kitchen fire?

How do I put out a small kitchen fire?

Q: How do I put out a small kitchen fire?

A: First, don’t panic. There’s a lot you can do to contain a little fire—i.e., confined to a small area, such as a frying pan, and not smoking.

  • If flames shoot up in an oven or microwave, immediately turn off the heat, and pull the microwave’s plug. Keep the appliance’s door closed, too, to deprive the fire of oxygen (its fuel).
  • For a stovetop grease fire, remember that oil and water don’t mix—oxygen-rich water will actually feed the flames. And a fire extinguisher is, believe it or not, a bad idea: the force of the discharge can actually spread the burning grease. Instead, smother a grease fire by either sliding a lid over the pan or dumping in a full box of baking soda.
  • Although they’re not safe for burning grease, fire extinguishers are great for snuffing out burning oven mitts, dish towels, or a curtain edge. You want a general purpose ABC-class extinguisher—about $20 at any hardware store. To operate it, remember the word PASS
    • Pull the pin (and release the lock).
    • Aim low.
    • Squeeze the lever slowly.
    • Sweep the spray from side to side.
  • But if the room starts to fill with smoke, call the fire department, and get out fast.

Source: National Fire Protections Association

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I have also heard that pouring salt onto a fire is ok, but never use flour as an extinguisher, it will blow up. Is this true?

For an oil fire, ie, say you were using oil for deep frying and the oil overheated and caught on fire, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE POT. Carefully TURN OFF the flame or electric burner. DO NOT throw water onto the flame. Water is heavier than oil and will sink. The super hot oil will heat the water instantly and cause an EXPLOSION much like a bomb shooting hot oil and flames all over the room and ceiling. Baking soda CAN have this same reaction for an oil that has caught on fire (not a simple skillet grease fire). The BEST way to put out the deep-oil fire is - once you have turn the heating element OFF - wet a towel with water, wring it out, and place the damp towel over the flames. Without oxygen, the fire will die out and the pot (and oil) will cool down in it's own time. In any case. get OUT of the room (house) until the danger has passed.

A lid is much faster to put on the pot, instead of fumbling with the wet towel, and the lid will work just as well. If the house gets filled with smoke, do not call the fire department before getting out. Get out first and then call either from your mobile or from a neighbor's phone. Once the smoke starts spreading you have no time left inside the house.


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