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How to Get Enough Protein

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Q: How much protein does an active 40-something woman need each day?

A: Less than you might think. For an average-weight woman, the Institute of Medicine recommends 46 grams of protein per day. If you'd like to know the exact amount you require, multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.36. As a practical matter, there's no need to add up protein grams. So long as you're eating a variety of beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits, you'll get adequate protein.

Beans are especially protein-rich, with around 8 grams in a 1/2-cup serving. Including soybeans and soy foods such as tempeh and tofu in your diet will contribute a great deal toward meeting your protein needs. If you're pregnant or nursing, your protein requirement goes up to 71 grams per day. But that is still achievable with a plant-based diet. Extra protein likely comes with the extra calories you're consuming. If your well-meaning husband arrives home with protein powders and a pound of beef liver, you might gently remind him that, although you're eating for two, one of you is very small.

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Breakfast; Hot tea with lemon juice or milk and 1 tsp sugar (no pulp); Apple juice (8 oz); Gelatin 1 cup; Milk (1%)Lunch Hot tea with lemon or cream (no pulp) and sugar; Grape juice (8 oz); Ice Cream (1 cup); Strained Cream of Potato Soup; Milk (1%)Snack Fruit juice (apple, cranberry or grape, 8 oz); Pudding (1 cup)Dinner Hot tea with lemon or milk and sugar; Apple juice; Strained Cream of Asparagus Soup (8 oz); Sherbet (1 cup); Milk (1%)

I was supposed to buy this soy protein powder and there was this article on about the danger of soy protein i don't know really what to beleive now can you tell me more things about taking soy protein?

If all else fails, small quantities of fiber can be found in peanuts, walnuts, and pickles, so there might be actually no excuse for not getting sufficient fiber in your diet. Blueberries and raspberries are among the few fruits that contain omega-3 fats, although the amount provided is small.

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Dr Barnard's advice is fine, as far as it goes. However, currently accepted recommendations from the medical research communities (for ex, Center for Science in the Public Interest) recommends that seniors, vegan or not, need quite a bit more daily protein to stay healthy. I believe 60-70 grams is what I call reading.