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Pizza Forever

Pizza Forever

Good news for pizza lovers who can't have gluten: your dietary needs no longer have to limit your pizza preferences. When VT surveyed the indexes of the top gluten-free cookbooks, we found that even though they boasted hundreds of recipes, only one or two included pizza— and only one pizza crust per book! So we decided to remedy the situation.

On the following pages, you'll find recipes for thin crusts, thick crusts, toppings, and gourmet compositions—all designed to satisfy any and every pizza craving.

When pizza dough (or any other yeast bread) is made with wheat flour, it needs to be kneaded to develop gluten and give it texture. But with gluten-free doughs, you can skip the kneading and just give the dough a quick stir.


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So, so, so, so, soooo happy VT researched and compiled this info for families with gluten issues!!! We LOVE healthy nutritious pizza and have been in a dilema as to what single gluten-free crust recipe we were going to come up with that we would all enjoy in spite of our different preferences. I have been resorting to ready-made frozen GF products (eh, good...but not as good as fresh, homemade). Now we have choices! Thank you sooo much VT!!!

looks good