Soulful Songstress: Q&A with Paula Cole

Soulful Songstress: Q&A with Paula Cole

A pop-radio staple in the mid-1990s thanks to her hit songs “I Don’t Want to Wait” and “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” Paula Cole took a six-year break from the music biz and fled Los Angeles following the birth of her daughter, Sky, in 2001. On the heels of her second post-hiatus album, Ithaca, the singer-songwriter talked to us from her hometown, Rockport, Mass., where she once again lives.

Q  What motivated you to take time off from music?

I needed a breather from the industry—I was a shade-loving plant who was blanched by the spotlight. In the end, a humbler career is a far better fit for someone as introverted as I am.

Q  Has your songwriting process changed over the years?

A  For one thing, I don’t beat myself up when I’m feeling creatively blocked. I’m able to recognize that my experiences outside of songwriting are often sources of inspiration later on, which is maybe a sign of maturation.

Q  You gave up meat at age 14. How about Sky; is she vegetarian?

A  She’s not interested in meat, but I allowed her that decision. I believe that living vegetarian is one of the best things you can do for your kids, and one of the greatest ways for your soul to shine.

September 2011 p.18

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