Gluten-Free Redo

Stir-Fry Sauce

Get loads of flavor with a lot less sugar and sodium
Stir-Fry Sauce

Take a look at the label of a storebought teriyaki sauce and you’ll see that the gluten in the soy sauce isn’t the only problem ingredient. Sugar, sometimes in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, is usually the second ingredient listed. And sodium levels often range between 400 and 500 milligrams or more for a single tablespoon of sauce. The good news is a boatload of sodium and sugar is not necessary to make a rich, satisfying sauce, as this recipe shows.

July/August 2013 p.38

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Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce

Gluten-Free Teriyaki Sauce

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Use this all-purpose sauce to marinate tofu, top vegetables, season rice, and flavor stir-fries.


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