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Tell VT: Are you celebrating Earth Day? If so, how?

Earth Day is in April—how do you plan to celebrate?

Share your answer below, and see what others have to say too. 

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I am a student at Oklahoma State University and every year the grassroots group I'm a part of (Eco-OSU) throws a big festival on the campus library lawn! We invite earth-friendly vendors and serve all the students free veggie burgers! So much fun!

For Christmas we bought a living tree, a blue spruce, and we're going to plant it in the local arboretum for Earth Day.

I will celebrate earth day by trying to live in harmony with the earth and the animals that inhabit it. I will make friends with animals, instead of making them into meals.

I will be spending the day outside tending to my plants and playing with my pets

Eating vegan and hopefully lazin' around the campus in the sunshine. Maybe frisbee in a park later in the day.

I will be planting my first vegetable garden. I will then know that my produce is both locally grown and organic.

I'll make a vegetarian lunch to share with friends at work. Each month I make at least 3 recipes from the current VT - and, with any luck, the April issue will be full of great ideas as always.

I volunteer every year at the San Diego Earth Fair event! My goal is to hand out as many flyers as possible that remind attendees that the BEST way to help the planet is to go VEGAN! Livestock is the #1 cause of greenhouse gases and has a bigger impact on global warming than cars!

In Malaysia, almost everything that is purchased is secured together with "rubberbands" (small round elastic bands made out of rubber). While some are reused at home, most melt away with time. I recently found out my mother returns these "rubberbands" back to the traders during her next visit to the market. This earth day, I plan to get my colleagues and friends to give "rubberbands" away to the people who would used it again and again.

I was a teenager when "Earth Day" was founded. Growing up on a farm I always felt a real connection with the earth. My favorite place to curl up and read was an old tree who's branches almost touched the ground. I still feel that special connection to the earth and have tried to plant something each Earth Day. My three daughters always loved digging in the earth, to plant a bulb, a flowering plant or a tree. They are grown now with families of their own and the tradition still carries on as they now plant something with their children on Earth Day and Arbor Day. Peace.

Since Earth Day is my birthday maybe I'll make all my friends have a vegan meal with me.

Im starting an event at my school. Design-your-tote event. they can be used at the schools cafeteria =]

Dear Vegetarian Times, We are celebrating Earth Day by hosting The First Annual Run-Ten-Ten 10K Race and 2 Mile Mutt Strut. The event is designed to celebrate the relationship between our citizens and their pets as well as raise funds for the construction of a new animal shelter. We're holding it on 4/25/09 because Earth Day falls on a Tuesday which is inconvenient for our participants. Please visit for more information.

I am a first grade teacher. The students and I will put on our rubber gloves and collect trash around our school campus. In addition, we will create an 'edible landfill' consisting of several ingredients such as pistachio pudding which represents the toxic waste, which is still tossed into some dumps. This activity also helps make them more aware of recycling.

I will prepare healthy meals from saved and current issues of VEGETARIAN TIMES for my husband and myself. Most of the day will be spent in the garden planting native flowers, herbs and vegetables. If it rains I will peruse my gardening books and dream of dryer days. Bliss!

We have a pond in the back of our house which about 25 families back into. The shore is filled with debris and some dead fish. My plan is to walk around the pond and clean it up. This will make it safer for the children and healthier for the pond life.

When I adopted my border collie from a local shelter in August '07, she didn't come with a birthday. The obvious choice of a day for me was Earth Day. We plan to celebrate her sixth birthday with a picnic in the park, enjoying nature.