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Tell VT: Share Your Cleaning Secrets

Share Your Cleaning Secrets

What's your best homemade remedy or trick for getting rid of tough stains? Share your answer below, and see what others have to say too. 


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Well after numerous "eco-friendly" and usually quite expensive new cleaning products I came back to using my favourite power trio: baking soda, vinegar and Clorox bleach. I clean with these three products everything from windows, mirrors, carpets, upholstery, tiles, grout, sinks, to laundry, and dishes in various combinations with water.

Vinegar and baking soda can be used in so many ways to clean just about anything in the kitchen.

My favorite stain removal trick is getting out dripped candle wax from tablecloths. Cut a brown paper grocery bag large enough to cover the dried wax. Heat up your iron on the hottest setting WITHOUT steam. Cover the wax with the brown bag and press with the hot iron. The heat from the iron will melt the wax and the paper bag will absorb it. Keep moving the paper to a clean area until the wax is completely removed.

TO get stains out of mugs, just rub the stained area with table salt and a bit of water.

If you spill red wine on a rug, wet it with sparkling water, and use a clean towel to sop up the diluted wine. Repeat a few times and watch the stain fade and disappear.

Whenever my boyfriend burns a pot after forgetting it on the stove (which unfortunately is quite often!), I boil a little vinegar and water, let it sit in the pot for a few hours, and scrub. The black spots come right off.

Coarse salt and vinegar. Put coarse salt on a pan, add just enough distilled vinegar to make a paste, and rub. The combination scrubs, shines, disinfects and removes odors. No soap needed!

I always keep a box of baking soda near the sink, it's great for those burned on spots... also great for keeping the oven clean if a pan happens to boil over, just sprinkle some on and later you can just wipe away the spot. No Scrubbing!

Well I guess chewing gum isn't really a "stain" but it certainly is a pickle to get off of carpet, etc. I've had to get it off my car mats a few times, and this trick always works: use an ice pack or large chunk of ice cubes to freeze the sticky gum blob. Once it's frozen it hardens up and you can chip/peel it off:) This trick is better than the old peanut butter method because it doesn't leave an oil stain behind.

My mom taught me that with a toothbrush and a dab of Joy dishwashing liquid, you can remove just about any clothing stain. (That is, if the clothes haven't been through the dryer yet.)

My go-to stain remover is baking soda and water. I mix up a paste, spread it on, let it sit for a minute or two, and the stain is gone! It's great for counter and stove tops, but I use it most often to get tea stains out of mugs.

Just after using non stick pan when it becomes greasy smear one teaspoon flour (any flour) on the surface of the pan, when it is hot with wooden/nonstick spoon and then wash with soap liquid. The pan will be free of grease and ready for use.

When food is baked on a casserole or baking dish, I let it soak with a fabric softener sheet and hot water for 10 to 20 minutes. It comes clean with great ease,no scrubbing.

Save citrus peels after squeezing to use with a bit of salt to scour counter tops. Works well and leaves a nice scent, too.

Oil spots on clothing never seem to wash out. I sprinkle any kind of starch that I have in the pantry (arrowroot, corn, potato, etc.) on the spot and let it sit a couple of minutes. I rub the starch into the fabric until the spot disappears. Generally, I can wear the item right away, and even after washing it, the stain is gone!

Mixing dish soap with baking soda until you have a paste acts as a great scrub for ceramic sinks and stainless coffee pots/tumblers.

to remove coffee stains from white mugs i fill them with lukewarm water and a drop of bleach, and soak for a few hours.

combine baking soda, vinegar and water. let it soak for an hour and rinse clean. works for stains on pots, pans, dishes, countertops, toilets, everything!

Apple cider vinegar for cat urine and other tough pet orders.

Vinegar, lemon juice, & baking soda are my 3 go-to cleaning supplies. They will clean just about any stain or mess. I use them everyday!

I use colloidal silver to spray on fruits and veggies, and just about anywhere I would use a disinfectant. Colloidal silver is a must have today..I also take one teaspoon of it everyday...can be used as eye drops and a swab for the nostrils after coming in contact with someone sick with a cold or flu keeping in mind that airborne patheogens make contact with eyes and nose first.

Baking Soda removes more "stuff" from cookware than anything else I can think of! Scunge on pans, grease smudges, charring, tea & coffee stains in mugs, hard water discoloration. It does it all. Vinegar or lemon juice take care of the rest. And/or lemon essential oil for things that are gummy or stubborn.