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Windsor Castle for serving a vegan banquet during an eco-minded interfaith conference.

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Windsor Castle, for serving a vegan banquet during an eco-minded interfaith conference. Hosted by Britain's Prince Philip, the Many Heavens, One Earth: Faith Commitments for a Living Planet conference gathered nearly 200 religious leaders from around the globe this past November. Initiatives included printing sacred books, such as the Bible and the Koran, on environmentally friendly paper, and introducing eco-tourism policies for religious pilgrimages. The banquet menu featured a roasted pear salad with cobnuts and steamed celeriac; portobello mushrooms stuffed with artichoke, red onion, and thyme on pearl barley; butternut squash risotto; and roasted root vegetables. The vegan meal not only accommodated various faiths' dietary requirements—observant Muslims and Jews shun pork products, and religious Hindus avoid meat and eggs—it also supported the conference's promotion of sustainable practices. A new study by the World Watch Institute, a global issues research organization, found that 51 percent of all CO2 emissions worldwide are directly attributable to livestock and their by-products.

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NASA, for green-lighting research using squirrel monkeys to test how harsh radioactive environments might affect astronauts traveling through deep space on interplanetary flights. "It is still largely unknown how this radiation would affect human behavior on long-duration missions," says NASA spokesman Grey Hautaluoma. Animal advocacy groups counter that the genetic and physiological difference between primates and humans make any conclusions suspect. In a federal petition to halt the research, the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine called the experiments "cruel, unnecessary, and lack[ing] scientific merit." They also may violate the Sundowner Report, NASA's own principles for the ethical care and use of animals, which requires researchers to consider the scope of societal good that may come from an experiment utilizing animals. "Interplanetary human travel is, at best, a highly speculative aim for the foreseeable future," the petition stated. "To put animals through radiation tests now in anticipation of such an enterprise is in no way justified."

--Rachel Dowd

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Psst!!! You haven't accepted my challenge??? If I was to host an inter-denominational, mutli-cultural banquet, what does VEGETARIAN TIMES suggest I cook?

Wow... attacking NASA for studies in comparative psychology.

Wow, standing up for animal abusers.

When humans advocate the suffering of other living things they behave like a virus on the spiritual condition. Harming life is NEVER acceptable. Why should animals suffer for human stupidity. 'All that is, is Holy, therefore, if it harm no living thing, do what you will.' Let's hope the world wakes up before they ruin this magnificent earth and all her species.

Interplanetary travel is not even possible right now. And when it becomes an option, maybe some brave/doomed soul should volunteer to be tested on.

How utterly insane. Our government needs to concentrate on saving THIS planet, not testing animals to see if we can 'vacate the premises' once things get nasty. How typical.

The point is there is no immediate need for this information. It does not serve a greater human good of any reasonable scope. For this reason alone, the research with monkeys should not be allowed. Someone got a grant to pursue this because it was an interesting idea, not because it really bennefits people.

Not to mention our nation feels it necessary to waste money on useless space travel and tests instead of saving this planet as someone else mentioned. PS-Tons of money wasted on NASA while our economy struggles.

I think it's awful. Didn't anyone see that movie "Project X" ?

I still to this day to not understand why any country must explore out space or other planets. There has not been one thing beneficial found by doing so.

Travel to Mars, which is by definition interplanetary, is well within our technical grasp. Most of the technology needed was developed for the Apollo moon program. Instead of harming innocent animals, why not let human prisoners volunteer for this sort of testing in exchange for time off their sentences?

RE:Susie's comment; Why not screw up as many planets as we can, after all we are the only "intelligent" beings in the Universe...??? RE: the Windsor menu; a challenge to VT: your recipes for the menu please as penance for not finding (or updating) more carrots to put on this site since Feb. Here in Otago, New Zealand it is late Spring. At my local Farmers' Market new season's asparagus has arrived, globe artichokes are bursting in my garden and the warmer temperatures have finally arrived. A few hundred kilometres up the road the cherry trees are promising the cherries in time for the Christmas table. Love your mag. Although not quite a true veg, I love my vegetables and find your mag a springboard for recipe ideas.Keep up the good work.

Regarding NASA, we are nowhere close to 'interplanetary travel,' and the research seems intended simply to satisfy our immediate curiousity. You BET I'm attacking NASA! Regardless of any physiological differences, the ends will never justify the means. Let's take care of our own planet, before ruining others.

I agree with Christine ...if it harm no living thing, do what you will Sussie, if you do not know the benefits to humankind gained by space exploration you really need to learn more about science and your everyday world.

The NASA research is going to happen whether you guys like it or not.

Join PETA ( and give your voice volume in the fight against such cruelty. PETA assists to keep us informed of issues affecting animals, and it empowers us to take a serious and EFFECTIVE stand against abuse and cruelty.

I'm with mia - posting recipes from the Windsor banquet would be wonderful. Dishes that (a)sound appealing (b)look good and (c)include familar flavors/foods like red onion, etc. increases non-vegetarians' participation in humane eating, as well as improving their own health. So, VT, go for the triple karma score!

We must remember, "All God's creatures; big and small".

"The NASA research is going to happen whether you guys likt it or not." That is a given, the government does a lot of things whether we like it or not. But times are a changing my friend. This too will stop, just not soon enough for me and many others.

So many animals already suffer at the hand of man. I find it horrific that people are paid to think up more ways to hurt animals. Are we missing something here? We already know to much radiation is bad. This is not a new concept.

A meal that leaves no one hungry,, that is loving and nutritious, is Mother Nature's gift to us! Adelle

(((((((THUD)))))))) A blog with a moron that defends abuse on animals for ANY, I repeat ANY purpose?????? Really? Really?????? Jennifer, Maybe you agree with Nasa's decision because you realize many of the US Government's decisions regarding this planet and the lack of conservation of, are going to force us to find another one to live on when we destroy this one completely.

well this is over a year old, and the space program was cancelled. so much for that!

Hurray, the space program is cancelled! What a gigantic waste of money. And a legacy of unspeakable cruelty to animals. Intelligent creatures (Bonobos) left to starve and die alone on "research missions". What a horrible legacy;in the name of science.