Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web

By: Tami Fertig

A round-up of VT editors’ favorite newsworthy links.


Love NYC’s Cinnamon Snail? The super-popular lunch truck just launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a new food truck—raising more than $28,000 of their $82,000 goal in just four days. Here’s hoping they can get their fancy vegan doughnuts, sandwiches, and burgers back on the streets ASAP! [Kickstarter]


Shark fin exports to Hong Kong fell by 35 percent last year, reflecting a decline in popularity of shark fin products such as traditional shark fin soup. (Shark fin exports to Hong Kong represent half of the global shark fin trade.) [Huffington Post]


Vermont passes GMO food-labeling law! Don’t live in the Green Mountain State? Until mandatory labeling goes nationwide, you can avoid GMOs in products by going organic or looking for the Non-GMO Project sticker. [Reuters]


We’re kind of in love with this baby squirrel wearing an itsy-bitsy cast. (She survived a 75-foot fall from her nest, thanks to D.C.-based wildlife rehabilitation center City Wildlife.) [Ecorazzi]


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