5 Organic + Diary-Free Vanilla Ice Creams

By: Vegetarian Times

New varieties of organic and dairy-free ice creams have recently appeared on grocers’ freezer shelves. VT staffers took on the difficult task of tasting a slew of vanilla treats so that we could share with you the best ones to pile on top of your next piece of holiday pie.

1. Alden’s Ice Cream Organic Vanilla Bean

A fine, classic vanilla ice cream with tiny bits of vanilla bean, this one got rave reviews for creaminess and superb vanilla flavor. $6.99/1.5 qt.

2. So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk Vanilla

For the vegans among us, this ice cream–like dessert offers a light, pleasant flavor of almond that is tasty and not too sweet. $5.99/1 pt.

3. Three Twins Ice Cream Organic Madagascar Vanilla

Creamy, flavorful vanilla ice cream at its best—this one is the real deal, offering a perfect balance of organic ingredients: milk, cream, evaporated cane juice, egg yolks, non-fat milk, and vanilla extract. $4.99/1 pt.

4. Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss Vanilla Island

If you’re nutty for coconut, this dessert is for you—more coconut than vanilla in flavor, but with a light, refreshing texture. $6.25/1 pt.

5. Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Vanilla

A sweet choice that will please a crowd, Julie’s is an excellent companion to pie, cake, cookies, or all by itself. $3.99/1 pt.

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