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3 Supermarket Sorbets Our Editors Love

3 Supermarket Sorbets Our Editors Love

Our favorite summer treat? A scoop or two (OK, three) of sorbet. VT staffers dug into pint after pint of the frozen dessert to choose a few of the best.

1. Ciao Bella Blueberry Passion Fruit Sorbetto We couldn’t get enough of this party-worthy dessert, with its bold, sweet-tart flavor and pretty, swirly pattern. $4.99/pt.; ciaobellagelato.com

2. Sambazon Organic 
Açaí Berry Sorbet Smooth and rich, this subtly sweet sorbet stars açaí, a chocolaty-tasting berry packed with healthful antioxidants. $6.99/pt.; sambazon.com

3. Julie’s Organic Cranberry Pinot Noir Sorbet Ready for happy hour? A splash of organic wine from California’s Frey Vineyards perks up this light-and-elegant goodie. $3.99/pt.; juliesorganic.com

What's your go-to supermarket sorbet? Share in the comments below!