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4 Ways to Eat Healthier at the Office

4 Ways to Eat Healthier at the Office

Tempted by junk food at the office? We hear you! Here a few simple tricks to avoid gobbling every last bar and cookie that crosses my path.

1. Eat a filling breakfast Research shows that eating a protein-packed breakfast helps stave off cravings later in the day. Think tofu scrambles, Greek yogurt, nut butter on whole-grain bread, beans and brown rice, or—my favorite—a big bowl of oatmeal with lots of toppings: shredded coconut, ground flaxseeds, bananas, raisins, you name it. Not a morning person? Make no-cook chai steel-cut oats the night before.

2. Buy groceries for your office Get in the habit of stocking up on nutritious, ready-to-munch supplies meant just for your home away from home: apples, hummus, baby carrots, almond butter, unsalted nuts, edamame, and fresh berries (which, as it turns out, taste insanely delish at the office).

3. Bring on the steamed veggies Broccoli, kale, cauliflower. You probably have these veggies in your crisper, right? Steam a big Tupperware's worth of them, and bring a separate container with Annie's Goddess Dressing or another bold-flavored dip. As soon as hunger strikes, start noshing: the fiber in the veggies will fill you up, and the fat in the dip will help your body absorb the nutrients in the veggies.

4. Treat yourself Sometimes steamed veggies don't cut it. For a more decadent (but still healthy!) treat, keep an avocado handy—it's packed with hunger-quelling omega-3 fatty acids. Slice it open, drizzle with lemon juice, sprinkle with sea salt, and dig in.   

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I just don't find that I need to be constantly feeding myself, as this post suggests. I cook healthy at home and always make enough for leftovers and bring the leftovers to work the next day for lunch. It's not rocket science. If you're so distracted and bored that you constantly need to be feeding yourself, maybe you need to find more meaningful and challenging work. Frankly, I'm too busy during the day constantly to be stuffing myself--not to mention that it's just unprofessional and gross constantly to be stuffing your face, no matter how healthy the food is.