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Behind the Scenes: Lights, Camera, Sorbet

Behind the Scenes: Lights, Camera, Sorbet

Ever wonder what it’s like on the set of a VT photo shoot? Read on for a glimpse behind the scenes at the shoot for VT's July/August summer sorbet feature.

The shoot took place at photographer Dimitri Newman’s LA-based studio, where huge windows and sunshine were in no short supply. When the time came, food stylist Liesl Maggiore brought out all the sorbets from the freezer. Each one was more visually striking than the next. Bright orange, deep purple, and avocado green battled it out to be featured front and center in front of the camera.

Next, everyone involved discussed logistics such as which sorbet flavors should go together and which shiny serving peices would best feature each sorbet. Below, VT associate art director Scott Hyers talks shoot details with Maggiore.

Check out this collection of sparkling serving pieces!

When the photographer, food stylist, prop stylist, and art director were all happy with the choices, a big scoop of mashed potatoes was placed in the glass as a “stand in” under the hot lights for the quick-melting sorbet while the experts adjusted lighting and placement on the set.

Finally, after everything looked picture perfect, out went the mashed potatoes and in came the vibrant-hued sorbets. Here’s when the crew really got down to business. Time was of the essence since the sorbet was melting quickly. Dimitri had to act quick, snapping away while Liesl made minor adjustments such as garnishing one of the sorbets with pomegranate seeds.

By the end of the shoot, the sorbets were lusciously liquid-y and the crew was ready to hot-foot it over to the beach to watch a relaxing sunset. To see the final beauty shots, be sure to check out "Perfect 10" (p. 70) in the July/August issue of Vegetarian Times!


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Very exciting to see a preview of the story! And (as the recipe developer) to know the stylists weren't cursing my creations as too hard to make/photograph!

Wonderful, all the way around!