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BLOGGER ON BOARD: Chew on This (Day 5)

BLOGGER ON BOARD: Chew on This (Day 5)

PHOTO: Jessica Porter, author of The Hip Chic's Guide to Macrobiotics, giving her much-loved Vitamix blender a hug during her cooking class.

It was a beautiful (albeit bumpy) day at sea today. But, did rough waters keep me from enjoying some cooking classes, seminars, sun, and amazing vegan food? Not a chance.

Today, I attended my second class with macrobiotic counselor Warren Kramer. In his seminar, Kramer suggested that we should all chew our food at least 100 times, emphasizing that chewing is one of the most important contributors to good digestion. The concept is so obvious, I couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to me sooner: chewing is the first step to breaking down food; therefore, chewing food more helps us absorb more nutrients. Easy to understand, not as easy to implement.

At lunch, I tried to put Kramer's wisdom into action. Yet, try as I might, my sister and I could only make it to 30 chews. Note to self: I will continue to work my way up to 100 chews. Furthermore, I challenge all of you to practice chewing! Let me know what number you get to!

After lunch, I made my way to Jessica Porter's cooking class, "Oil-Free Delectable Desserts," pictured above. I didn't let the words "oil-free" deter me from a cooking session with the author of the The Hip Chic's Guide to Marcrobiotics. My favorite part about all the cooking classes is that I get to sample each dish that is created. I was one happy camper when she doled out plates of Super Delicious Mystery Cheeze Cake and White Almond Mousse with Stewed Apricots and Orange Sauce.

I'm about to give my hard working jaw a rest by heading up to the theater to check out tonight's talent show. I'll catch you all tomorrow when I tell you about my day in Nassau, Bahamas!

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