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Bonus: The Aftermath

Bonus: The Aftermath

Join associate editor Tami Fertig on a 7-day challenge to reset her sense of proper portions. Sign up to receive daily challenge newsletters here and be sure to read the magazine story that inspired the challenge here.

The challenge is over! We made it out alive!

I don'’t know about you guys, but I spent the last day of the meal plan celebrating. I had a picnic in my yard with my Mushroom and Pappardelle Soup with Gremolata and a glass of red wine. (Just a glass, mind you. The meal plan was not over yet.)

I took some time between sips to reflect on what I learned during the week.

First, raw veggies really stave off hunger between meals, and you can eat as many of them as you want. I will definitely start keeping a bag of baby carrots at work. Sure beats the bag of chips I inevitably turn to when there'’s nothing else around.

Second, slowing down and treating food with respect——chewing each bite many times, setting the table with cute decorations, turning off the television during mealtime——leads to less overeating and more satisfaction.

I can’'t promise that I'’ll always limit myself to a wedge of lasagna or a cup of mac and cheese (my birthday’'s coming up, after all), but I’'ll certainly be more mindful of what a proper portion actually looks like.

So, a big congrats to all. Let'’s all chat about our different experiences taking the challenge!

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I agree with Karen S. How realistic were these recipes? To cal them time consuming is to put it mildly. How about portion control for real people who want healthy nutrition and the time to exercise and have a life as well? A few ingredients and some good flavor?? Seasonal items would be a plus. I really care about my nutrition and would love easier ways to do this. That would be amazing.

I was really excited with the idea of a week of planned veggy meals! I was soon let down with menu choices. My main disappointments were the amount of out of season and out of area food having a negative impact on the environment. Also choice of recipes seemed to be fairly costly, and time consuming. These could have prevented people from attempting their to first week of vegetarian food based on this plan.

I love that the challenge was only a week long but I gleaned some long-lasting takeaways! Regardless of whether this week is repeatable on a continuing basis, it was a learning experience and a good way to reflect on my eating habits and how small changes can make a big difference. Might not be making some of these recipes again, but I will for sure be keeping in mind for future reference: proper portions, healthy snack options, and the right way to enjoy a meal. Thanks, Tami!

This was a wonderful tool to help Us see exactly why 1.5 in all Americans Are obese! Great job and thanks for all Your efforts! With so many creditable Reports and studies coming out that show All the physical dangers and disease of Meat good lifestyle to consider! Vegan is Not hard! Just buy fresh and eat it! What's Time consuming about that? Seasonal Crops are a problem I agree!

I found new recipes and meal ideas that I will probably repeat, but I would not do them all in the same week again. The cost of the foods was too much. I had to make substitutions for my vegan lifestyle, and had to make concessions for my meat-eating family (extra expense). There was so much of some of the foods that I have been eating leftovers for the last two days and didn't finish the meal plan.

This was a great challenge, and I learned a lot. I have to admit that I strayed a bit a couple of times, but I followed it as much as possible. I learned a lot, and I'll incorporate what I've learned moving forward. Thanks, Tami and Vegetarian Times, for a wonderful week!

I was a little skeptical in the beginning but quickly fell in step with thrilled with results...looking back it was a great way for me to become motivated and aware of what actual portion size was...thank you for the support along the way....Mattea

I only recently embraced a vegetarian lifestyle, so combining my new way of eating with the portion control challenge was just so liberating & empowering! Exercising portion control is something that benefitted my entire family - the non-vegetarians as well!

This may sound robotic, but food is fuel. I'm a hoybibst nutritionist and i know several professional body builders. The simple truth is that it is not what you eat, or the amount. It is the calories at the end of the day. My girlfriend and eat 5 star meals (home cooked) with a daily net caloric intake of less than 2k. We are always full. We spend ~40-50$ a week on food for BOTH of us. And we cannot tack on weight to save our lives. Note that eating healthy does not mean eating stuff that tastes like ****. But eating good tasting healthy food does take a little work/experience.But it can be done and the results are amazing. Friday is calzones, I will eat till i'm stuffed and have a net calorie intake from the dinner of ~600.