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Day 4: Don't Tempt Me!

Day 4: Don't Tempt Me!

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I'’m not gonna lie. Sticking with this meal plan at the office is tough.

My problems started yesterday morning. I just could not get into the cottage cheese I was supposed to eat for breakfast. But I was late for work, so I settled for a pear.

At noon, VT recipe tester Fiona Kennedy arrived like clockwork with yummy-smelling recipes for us to taste and score. The crown jewel was a plate of Asian-inspired celery sticks. I can’'t reveal too much about them, but suffice it to say that everyone was oohing and aahing and scarfing them down. I limited myself to one stick, but it was hard. Very hard.

I typically wait to put away leftovers until later in the afternoon, so that people can graze, but yesterday I didn'’t take any chances. I whipped out the Tupperware right after lunch.

Later on, I received a shipment of sweet potato chips.

See, I am surrounded by temptation. I work at a food magazine, after all. Several women in our office keep giant tubs of pretzels and candy at their desks, and on top of that, I handle new products at VT, so snack bars and cookies and chocolates are constantly being sent to my attention. It is literally my job to eat this stuff!

Good thing I have a hearty breakfast of Overnight Chai Steel-Cut Oats to eat this morning. I'’m counting on it to keep me satisfied until lunchtime. I am also equipped with an apple, a cucumber, and a bag of baby carrots.

Tonight, I plan on destressing with a long, drawn-out dinner, candles and flowers included. Hopefully, the Pistachio-Crusted Eggplant Cutlets won'’t take too long to make!

How'’s everyone else holding up? Join the chat to discuss.

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i tried the chai oatmeal with chai tea today and it was deee-licious!

I love sweet potato chips too! I find that having a super yummy tea on hand satisfies my desire to snack. I'm really into blueberry rooibos lately.

I'm working hard to drink LOTS of water and eat mindfully-- or rather soulfully! I think it's my mind that tells me to eat more . . . And my motto is FREGGIES FIRST! And processed foods have no place in my food plan. Good luck everyone.

just found out i have this , my mother got colon ccnaer because of untreated celiacs disease , it is no joke , but i am glad i know i have it , i was depressed and did not have a normal bowel movement for a year , then i started to feel like i would vomit after each time i ate , in two days of not eating gulten i was almost back to normal , thank god i found out , hope this helps

This blog refer to a Portion Control Cheat Sheet...but when clicked on comes back as page not found. HELP