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Day 6: I Goofed

Day 6: I Goofed

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Yesterday, I fell off the meal plan. Forgive me, everyone.

I had a feeling this might happen when I decided to bike to work. Biking always makes me ravenous, but I was going a little stir-crazy, what with all the cooking and the meal planning.

I was fine until lunchtime. Then VT's editor in chief, Elizabeth Turner, announced from her office that she'’d be grabbing a veggie burrito from the food truck across the street. “"Anyone else want one?”" she called out. I did. I wanted one. I’'d just eaten some garlic toast and had a container of tasty Fennel and Tomato Soup in the fridge, but I wanted one nonetheless——for the simple reason that I find it very difficult to resist a burrito.

I sat silently as she passed by my desk.

But my resolve didn'’t last. On the way home from work, I stopped at my favorite noodle bar for dinner. I was tired and hungry and not willing to wait for my German Cabbage and Potato Casserole with Caraway to bake in the oven. Not my finest moment, but at least I asked the server to bring me only half my veggie noodle bowl and box up the rest!

Here'’s hoping I can last the next two days without giving in to temptation.

My biggest concern today is a birthday party I'’m attending after work. I normally gravitate toward the snack table at these sorts of events, but that seems dangerous now. With any luck, it'’ll be packed with baby carrots.

The end is so close! How'’s the challenge treating you? Join the chat with your stories.

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I appreciate your honesty! (VT staffers really are just like us ;) Just pick up and keep going. Use this experience as more motivation to resist eating any junk at the birthday party. You can do it! The challenge is a great experience so far.

I am having very strong cravings for sweets but have resisted. I ate more fruit the past couple days to try to alleviate my sweet cravings. Yesterday was hard having to make both the german casserole and mushroom soup. It took SO much time. I am going to take a break from cooking tonight by eating my leftovers from the German Casserole and Mushroom soup. The good news is that I AM loosing weight; which I wasn't expecting.

It's unacceptable to let hunger from exercise force you to eat. How can you ever loose weight if you let it overpower your mind? Come on, you are stronger than that girl!

Tami...thanks for being honest!!! I also goofed and ate a piece of chocolate at work yesterday. However I skipped the potato casserole and make a veggie smoothie for dinner. Loving the meal plan and blog!! Thanks for the snack ideas!

Don't be hard on yourself. I "goofed" also. I'm finding smaller portions are a big challenge as I'm used to eating more calories to keep me fuelled during my busy days. Most nights after work (and working out ) I've felt more tired and sometimes ravenous too :)

I received Portion blog newsletter for Days 1,2 and 3. Then, no more came even though I had sunscribed. Is there a place on VT site to read the entire series. Thanks, I was enjyoing them.

Tami, I think you were a success yesterday! If you hadn't been on the plan, think how different your eating would have been. You still made good choices and probably ate less too. A real eating plan has to be flexible and the stress of trying to be perfect can lead to overeating. This plan has helped me by having healthy home-prepared food available so that I don't go and grab "junk" when I'm hungry. And my husband loves the recipes too, so we both benefit. The shopping list really helped me get started. Thanks!

Tami, just wanted to pass on something my teacher said once about meditation which is relevant here. She said meditation is not the achievement of thoughtlessness, but the PRACTICE of achieving thoughtlessness. I.e., to me the challenge is not for the perfect achievement of portion control, which hardly seems possible and sustainable forever, but the practice of portion control. Which IS sustainable! :-) Thanks for your stories - they are fun to read!

it is so amazing, but true. since i started with the raw-food diet, today already reached my "finish line" - the - while yesterday tasting the baked noodles i prepared for the kids, it did not even arouse my taste buds to the point where i would have "normally" wanted to taste it more. what i would want to say is, the bodily system acquaints itself with the raw-food diet that it has to adjust again to the cooked-food diet. fact is, i prefer raw-food diet as it has better effects on me! this light diet makes me feel like a "new-born baby"! i never have this literally heavy feeling after eating since the raw-food diet. so i decide to make the raw-food diet as my normal diet, while having 2 days a week cooked-food diet, once in a while and just for the taste of it. as a whole, i am so glad that i started this raw-food diet!!!

so tami, a diet is not always a must, in general it is a free choice. you just have to be aware of WHAT your priorities are. so i wish you all the best with your controlled diet. much success for you! :)

I ate maybe five servings of peanuts last night, I thought I'll be okey today, I woke up and ate 5 slides of Ezekiel bread with vegan butter, now I'm depressed.