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Do You Downplay Your Vegetarianism?

Do You Downplay Your Vegetarianism?

January 22, 2009

I recently took a survey about how vegetarians talk about being vegetarian. It was virtually painless, helped out a PhD student, and made me think about how vegetarians living in less veg-friendly places and with less understanding families might have it so much worse than me.

The study was created by Lynsey Kluever Romo, a PhD candidate at The University of Texas at Austin. “I am trying to capture the experiences of as many vegetarians across the country as possible by February 1, 2009,” Romo says.

Romo includes pescatarians (those who eat fish) in the group of vegetarians, which I’m not too thrilled about, but for the sake of a more comprehensive study, Romo feels it needed to be included.

Here’s the link to the survey, if you’d like to participate:

—Gabrielle Harradine, Assistant Editor

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I became pesaataricn in July 2010 and haven't looked back! My boyfriend & I are 95% vegetarian, sometimes when we're out at a restaurant we'll get seafood (so I can't technically say we're vegetarians I feel like we'll get kicked out of this exclusive club (; ), that's why my blog is Not Quite Veg Meg not quiiiite a vegetarian! We quit cold tofurkey' (i crack myself up) didn't ween ourself off of me. The hardest thing to give up was Chick-Fila, because it's easily accessible but damn tasty. But Quorn makes a great chick'n patty, but I still miss Chick's flavor. In the beginning it was pretty hard because we really didn't do THAT much research, but after we made the decision, we bought some books and bookmarked our fave blogs. Now I love it. Some of my family thinks I'm crazy (my dad: so.. what do you eat? like salad?? im just makin sure ya not starvin' yaselves or my mom: eat a little chicken for protein ) I agree with you about the protein craziness we get enough. And I don't think I'll ever get yelled at by a doctor saying I'm protein deficient! I get hungry throughout the day, but being hungry is OK. I eat around 730/8, snack in the 10am hour, lunch around 12-2 some days, snack again btwn 3/4pm hour and dinner between 7-9. I drink lots of water and green tea helps too (I use SweetLeaf stevia to sweeten mine up).Love the blog Caitlin! I'm going to try that open face tomato cheese breakfast sandwich soon looks de-freakin-lish!!