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Get Your Summer Glow On

Get Your Summer Glow On

With summer in the air, it’s the perfect time to try adding a warm shimmer to your complexion. Whether you’re primping for a romantic night out on the town or just another workday in an air-conditioned office, Alicia Silverstone’s Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter (part of a new collection created by Silverstone for Juice Beauty) is hands down summer’s secret beauty weapon. It’s organic, 100 percent vegan, and eco-fabulous to boot!

New to facial highlighters? Fear not: so was I! The product is like an over-sized tube of super-pretty, nourishing chapstick for your face—made with antioxidant-rich passionfruit, champagne grape, and berry oils. Application is a breeze: I just smeared it (gently) across my cheeks, eyes, and brow, then blended the color in with the tips of my fingers. Voila: a dewy, sun-kissed me!


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