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Good News!

Good News!

A round-up of stories VT editors dug this week.

According to the EPA, Americans generated 31 million tons of plastic waste in 2010, so it's a little uplifting that the town of Concord, Mass., just banned single-serving plastic water bottles. Small steps! [Huffington Post]

Got an expired box of cereal or decades-old can of corn in your pantry? Research shows that sell-by dates are not the best indication of when food has gone bad. A better test: give it a good sniff. [NPR]

A supermarket chain in the U.K. has put doors on its fridges, saving around $80 million a year and reducing its carbon footprint. Despite concerns that customers might not like veggies behind glass, sales have not gone down. Can we do this everywhere? [Guardian]

In the past five years, nine whales are believed to have been killed by ship strikes along the California coast. Good thing the International Maritime Organization just approved proposals to shift shipping lanes to protect endangered whales. [L.A. Times]

Chef Jason Wrobel's vegan cooking show How to Live to 100 debuts on The Cooking Channel this Sunday night. Tune in while you fold laundry! [Ecorazzi]