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Mark Bittman

PHOTO: Vegan-before-6 advocate Mark Bittman

A round-up of stories VT editors dug this week

Newark mayor (and longtime vegetarian) Cory Booker survives a week of living on food stamps, but not without a few challenges—like burning a sweet potato and craving cookies. [International Business Times]

Just launched: first online farmers market to deliver produce from local farms to workplaces (just in New York and San Francisco, for now). Apples for your cubicle, anyone? [Sustainable Food News]

Vegan-before-6 advocate Mark Bittman defends organic food and warns about the dangers of pesticides, which makes us really want to brush up on the Dirty Dozen list. [New York Times]

Ellen Degeneres wants December to be a "no-kill month." In other words: adopt a dog or cat from a shelter (and save animals from being euthanized)! [Ecorazzi]

Costa Rica bans hunting for sport. Bravo! [Reuters]