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Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web

Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web

A round-up of VT editors’ favorite newsworthy links.


California legalizes commercial hemp farming! (Most of the hemp found at the supermarket—hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp milk—currently comes from Canada.) Celebrate by making a Hemp Hummus Pita Pocket, packed with protein and good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids. [Treehugger]

Need another reason to love PB&J? A new study finds that girls who eat peanuts and peanut butter regularly have a lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life. [WebMD]

Run for your life: exercise may work as well as (or better than!) drugs for recovering from a stroke or preventing diabetes. [Los Angeles Times] 

A new app could help boaters identify whales and avoid striking them. "Whale Spotter" is being tested right now in California, home to five marine sanctuaries. [San Francisco Chronicle]