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Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web

Good News! Stories We Dig From Around the Web




A round-up of VT editors’ favorite newsworthy links.

Bring on the beans, cabbage, kale, and broccoli! Turns out, eating gas-producing foods may help your gut get the nutrients it needs. (According to a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic, "a healthy individual can have up to 18 flatulences per day and be perfectly normal.") [NPR]

Hey, froyo fans: TBCY now has vegan coconut frozen yogurt, the third dairy-free soft-serve flavor they've added in just a year (right behind almond-based chocolate and vanilla). [Ecorazzi]

A bill introduced in Congress this week could ban exotic or wild animals from performing in traveling circuses, where living conditions are often dangerous and distressing. [The Dodo]

Remember how we told you last week about NYC's Cinnamon Snail raising money for new wheels? We're relieved to hear the beloved food truck met its $82,000 goal and is already back on the streets hawking BBQ tempeh sandwiches and vegan raspberry cheesecake donuts. [Kickstarter]