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Good News! Stories We Dig from Around the Web

Good News! Stories We Dig from Around the Web

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A round-up of VT editors’ favorite links this week.

A new study finds eating more fruits and veggies makes you happier and more energized. We're talking seven to eight servings a day. Might we suggest knocking off a few of those servings with VT's Herb-Roasted Winter Veggies? [Science Daily]

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) plans to retire most chimpanzees at its research facilities and move them to sanctuaries. For the small number of chimps that will be kept in reserve, new welfare standards have been proposed. Stay tuned for a final decision come late March (and voice your opinion here). [New York Times]

On the right track: Brazil will start using tracking devices to cut down on illegal logging and deforestation in the Amazon. About 4,600 square miles of rainforest were destroyed in Brazil last year. [Time]

Kudos to the Northern California grocery chain that's cutting down on food waste by selling not-quite-perfect-looking apples (at a fraction of the normal cost). Sweet news in light of a recent Natural Resources Defense Council report that 30 percent of produce never leaves the farm—in part because of the notion that consumers require blemish-free fruit. [Grist]