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Happy Vegiversary to VT Reader Laura Roller!

Happy Vegiversary to VT Reader Laura Roller!

Reader Name: Laura Roller

Location: Buffalo, N.Y.

Vegetarian Since: June 1995


What motivated you to go veg? 

I was staying with a family member who was not eating meat at the time. I am forever grateful to her, even if she didn’t stick with it.


What’s your favorite veg-friendly restaurant, and what do you order there? 

Amy’s Place in Buffalo, N.Y. My daughter (who is also a vegetarian) loves the vegan breakfast with barbecue seitan. It’s filling and delicious.


What’s your best advice for new vegetarians?   

When I first went veg, I simply cut meat out of my diet. It took me a while to realize there is an incredible world of vegetarian food that isn’t pizza and French fries. Get creative with flavors.


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