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Hot Cruelty-Free Sandals for Summer

Hot Cruelty-Free Sandals for Summer

My New Old Shoes

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced what I’m going to go ahead and refer to as a “fashion miracle.” It happened in Paris, where, strolling along an old cobblestone street on a sunny spring day, I was drawn toward the retro-cool window display of a tiny second hand boutique. Popping in for a quick poke around, my eyes instantly settled on an unexpected sight: my favorite sandals (pictured, above)!

They were identical, in size and color, to a pair I’d once purchased back home in San Francisco half a decade earlier, had lived in until they collapsed from wear, and had pined for ever since I had reluctantly tossed them into the garbage bin after several years of good use.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I snapped up the tawny t-straps, plopped them on the counter, shelled out a small handful of euro, and walked out the door a very happy customer. Why the excitement over a pair of cheap sandals, you ask? Well, these weren’t just adorable, comfortable, and functional, but leather-free, too.

All those years ago when I bought the original pair (at vegan-shoe hotspot H&M), fashion-forward footwear not made from animal hides was slightly trickier to source. Today, though, possibilities galore exist for trendsetters interested not only in vegging-up their diets, but their wardrobes, as well.

Have you started your search for the perfect summer sandal? While scouring second-hand shops is always a (super-eco) option, these retailers are a sure bet for securing your go-to pair of cruelty-free summer sandals:

1. Cri de Coeur This 100-percent animal-free brand offers a heaping dose of style in the form of pumps, sandals, boots, and wedges. Most shoes register a few bucks over the $100 mark, but check their online sale rack for super savings on a slew of snazzy styles.

HOT PICK: Cri de Coeur Wild Criss-Cross Strappy Mini-Wedge in black ($150)

2. Neuara 
This brand’s ethical-hipster designs support the idea that you can be cruelty-free while maintaining your cool-kid cred. I'm hot for these gladiator-sandal-meets-saddle-shoe that I’ll wear with everything this summer.

HOT PICK: Neuara Ivy shoe in Pine green ($90)

Neuara 1

3. Olsen Haus 
This line, launched by a vegan entrepreneur, gives compassionistas an ethical alternative to chemical-laden leather.  A tad spendy but definitely chic, these shoes are guaranteed to elicit compliments galore—just ask clients Emily Deschanel and Anne Hathaway.

HOT PICK: Olsen Haus tri-colored Fate Sandal ($140)

Olsenhaus 1

4. Beyond Skin Brighton, England-based Beyond Skin is committed to the sustainable production of non-leather shoes, using eco-friendly materials whenever possible. They ship world-wide.

HOT PICK: Beyond Skin Minnie shoe in blue square print (£159)

Beyond Skin 1

 5. H & M This mega-retailer offers a hip variety of vegan styles that won't bust your budget. Visit your local store to find just the right pair for every occasion, from office-savvy to picnic-perfect!

HOT PICK: H & M Wedge Heels in black printed fabric ($34.95)


More Sources for High-Style Cruelty-Free Footwear:

Alternative Outfitters

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SHARE WITH US: Have you already scored the leather-free shoes you plan to live in this season? Tell us where you found them!

Aurelia d’Andrea has devoted a disproportionately large part of her life to scouring thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and flea markets in search of sartorial treasures, and has a closet full of frocks to prove her passion for the hunt. Going veg taught her to sharpen her style skills, and confirmed what she’d suspected all along: It really is possible to develop a fashionable point of view and keep your ethics intact, too. 


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Love the selection! Can you also do a similar post for Handbags??!! xx

Great idea, Amber. Check back soon for more fashion-forward, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ideas--including handbags!

Hi Aurelia - Love the selection! Check out my new e-boutique, Compassion Couture ( all cruelty-free handbags, shoes & accessories! My faves are these Mink sandals:

Hi, Jill! What a great resource--thank you so much for sharing details on Compassion Couture! I'm in love with the Hearts of Darkness cork pumps. So many shoes, so little time. (Sigh.)

They may be "cruelty free," but they look like they would be really cruel to your feet.

Hi, Lee Anne! It's true: Heels (or wedges) aren't for everyone, but hopefully these examples will help point you toward leather-free possibilities that are comfortable *and* fashionable. If you stumble upon brands/styles that look simultaneously comfy and stylish, please share!

Very nice selection. I really love the sandals by Neuara.