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By Vegetarian Times March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

  • Landmark legislation: BPA banned in Suffolk County, NY.  Consumers Union
  • Is your city among them? EPA releases a list of 25 cities with the largest number of energy-efficient buildings in 2008.
  • Will it grow on you? Biodegradable chair not only supports you but also live mushrooms. Tree Hugger
  • World’s first zero emissions research station opens in Antarctica. Tree Hugger
  • Rock on: Madden twins team with Denny’s to add vegetarian and vegan burritos to Denny’s Rock Star menu.  Vegetarian Star
  • The Great White Way goes green: Broadway sets and props slated for recycling.
  • Patriotic duty: President Obama asks for input from vegetarians.  Vegetariar Star
  • Introducing "Jolt": New character based on Chevy’s all-electric Volt featured in Transformers sequel.  Ecorazzi

—VT Editors

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My vegetarian daughter just won 2nd place in her 7th grade school science fair for an experiment relating to microwaves and vegetables - she has been asked to take her experiment to the state fair. I think this would make for a great VT article.....interesting isn't it? - 2009-03-11 14:49:29