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Pantry Raid: Quinoa

Pantry Raid: Quinoa


About four months ago, after reading of quinoa's "super food" status, I purchased a big bag of the stuff. Apparently, this was a rash decision, as I have since made myself a single serving of plain quinoa following the simple instructions on the bag. “But it’s a perfect protein!” I hear. “It’s so delicious!” That may be, but there it sat, that big, beautiful bag of quinoa, every time I opened my pantry doors.

So this past Sunday I decided to accept its unspoken challenge by cooking a quinoa-based meal. My only demands were that the recipe be A) easy; B) fast; C) cheap; D) tasty; E) vegan. Since these were tall orders, I decided to search for the perfect quinoa recipe using Vegetarian Times' recipe finder rather than relying on my own culinary genius, or lack thereof.  One quick search for “quinoa” and voila! Quinoa Medley with Beans and Corn. Vegan? Check! Cheap, fast and easy? Check, check, check! Tasty? TBD.

I loved that I already had most of the ingredients in my pantry. I was only missing a lime (for garnish), which I chose to ignore, and chili powder, for which the cute guy next door came in handy. (He actually loaned me hot salt, but I decided that was close enough.) The recipe was nearly as easy to make as a microwave dish. It only required one pot and one bowl, and was prepped and completed in less than 30 minutes.

The only mishap was that the bottom layer of quinoa burned. When asked for advice on this sticky situation, Mary Margaret Chappell, VT's food editor, says, "it sounds to me like the cooking water evaporated too fast from the pot and didn't have time to be absorbed by the quinoa. This can happen if the heat's too high or if the cover on the saucepan isn't tight and lets steam escape while the quinoa is cooking. It could also be that the quinoa has been stocked/in storage for a while and has dried out more, meaning it will need more liquid to cook completely."

To prevent the dish from burning, Chappell suggests, "take a quick peek halfway through cooking time to see that there's enough liquid left. If the pan looks dry (there might even be a sizzling sound from the bottom), add an extra 1/4 to 1/2 cup water, then cook until most of it has been absorbed."

While the dish was delish solo, it looked and tasted like it belonged inside of a tortilla, so I ate my second serving in burrito form with an extra helping of salsa. For the dairy lovers out there, I imagine it would taste yummy with some cheddar cheese and sour cream.

All in all, this quinoa challenge has inspired me to get cookin' on a more regular basis…especially if it gives me an excuse to knock on my cute neighbor-boy’s door.

—Sarah Smith, guest blogger

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I make my quinoa in the pressure cooker. Made a green bean/basil/quinoa recipe from Lorna Sass's Vegetarian Cooking under Pressure cookbook. I use a Fagor pressure cooker I purchased @

I've had the same issues with quinoa-- extra water does the trick!

I love the taste of quinoa, and the complete protein status makes it even better! My favorite way to eat it is actually for breakfast, so if you have leftovers, definitely whip it up! Here's a simple recipe for breakfast quinoa...

I made a quinoa dish the other day for the first time that was completely different--cucumber, tomato and cilantro instead of corn and beans.I loved it and the greek feeling to the dish, and I love knowing that I could use quinoa again to make an entirely new mexican-themed meal. One of the many reasons I want to continue using quinoa is the fact that its sodium levels are soo low--9 mg per serving compared to over 500 mg in rice!

Burrito is a great idea! I've been looking for ways to "spice up" my mexican dishes... so quinoa might be the answer!

Quinoa burgers... Quinoa molded with beans, spices and veggies into a vegan veggie burger is delicious! I tried it with Daiya cheese last weekend and it was cravably good! Spicy mustard, slather of vegenaise, fresh seeded bun. Tomato, onion, crisp lettuce. The nutty quinoa flavor really shines through to add taste and texture. ~kathy, vegan food blogger

I made a delicious mushroom quinoa dish the other day, that my whole family enjoyed. My brother decided it was couscous, and not quinoa, as that was something he was familiar with. Basically all I did was soak some dried mushrooms, strained the stock (reserving it!), and cooked the quinoa in the stock instead of water. Then, just fry the mushrooms with some onion until the mushrooms are browned, and toss with the finished quinoa :) Super yummy! Even my niece and nephews loved it. My nephew looked at me (I was doubtful he'd like it, as it was something he'd never had before), and said 'Auntie Lauren, you're silly! This is rice!' Guess that shows me that a kid will identify a new food with something else familiar to them.

Here's a great step-by-step tutorial (with photos) on Lost River Market & Deli's Facebook page on how to prepare quinoa.

Here is a link to some great Husband-Tested Recipes for quinoa.

That's very true. I definitely still eat prdcuots with this disclaimer. However, I have heard people report that they are sensitive enough that they still get sick! It's definitely a tricky subject.