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Silk-Free Valentine's Day Lingerie

Silk-Free Valentine's Day Lingerie

Of all the romantic symbols associated with Valentine’s Day, the most indulgent might be lingerie. The word alone conjures images of lace, frills, and bows, but the ancient Greeks and Romans were fashioning simple, utilitarian garters and corsets millennia before Victoria’s Secret entered the scene. Though the French word “lingerie” originally meant “things made of linen,” today, much of it is made from silk, which requires the killing of silkworms to harvest the thread from their cocoons. This Valentine's Day, why not slip into something a little bit kinder.


Camisole Couture

Hopeless lingerie blends a vintage-inspired aesthetic with modern fabrics including super-soft bamboo and organic cotton. The current line is totally silk-free, and each piece is hand-made to order by eco-conscious designer Gabrielle Adamidis.



John Patrick Organic’s understated peignoir is cut from high-tech Cupro, a biodegradable cotton byproduct that mimics the smooth texture of silk. It comes in both long and short versions, and does double duty as a nightie and a slip.



I Pine For You

The latest eco-friendly fabric to hit the lingerie scene comes from an unexpected source: Recycled pine-tree prunings! Super soft and supple, Do You Green’s classic designs offer the added benefit of temperature-regulating properties that keep you looking good and feeling fab.





Veg fashion blogger Aurelia d’Andrea has devoted a disproportionately large portion of her life to scouring thrift stores, vintage boutiques, and flea markets in search of sartorial treasures, and has a closet full of frocks to prove her passion for the hunt. Going veg taught her to sharpen her style skills, and confirmed what she’d suspected all along: It really is possible to develop a fashionable point of view and keep your ethics intact, too.  She lives in Paris where she blogs (My Vegan Parisian Aventure), writes books (Moon Living Abroad in France), and eats way too many carbs.



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