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Sizzling Kitchen Style

Sizzling Kitchen Style

My kitchen style icon has long been Lucy of the I Love Lucy show. Whether setting Sunday dinner on fire or cooking up mischief with her best friend, Ethel, Lucy always looked head-to-toe glamorous in her waist-hugging apron, chic hair scarf, and Copacabana-ready heels. Modern eco-minded Lucys (and 21st-century Rickys) can look fabulous while whipping up seitan piccata and truffled potatoes too, with the help of these earth-friendly kitchen accoutrements that are as functional as they are fashionable.

The bold pattern on this organic cotton apron from A Greener Kitchen camouflages food-related splatters and looks almost pretty enough to wear long after your apple pie has been pulled from the oven.

Zen Deluxe delivers sustainable kitchen gear from its fair-trade workshop in Bali, where local artisans produce eco-friendly household goods by hand. I love the vivid prints on these organic cotton oven mitts, and appreciate their solid construction and durability.

Canadian company Schoolyard Studio makes eye-catching tea towels, napkins, and other cooks’ must-haves using organic cotton and nontoxic water-based inks. These tea towels have a vintage flavor that’s evocative of Lucy’s era, and give an instant dose of style to whoever’s on dish-drying duty.