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Supereasy Vegan: Prepping Meals for the Week

Supereasy Vegan: Prepping Meals for the Week

Eating a whole foods, plant-based diet is one of the greatest things you can do for your body. It can lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer—not to mention that it's delicious and opens up a whole new world of food choices.

I've greatly improved my digestion after years of stomach issues, cleared my skin, and boosted my energy so that I can enjoy life more. Still, maintaining a healthy, balanced vegan diet without relying on less-than-healthy processed foods can be tricky for the typical busy American. But it can be done — the key is preparation!

Preparing your meals and snacks for the week ahead will save you time, money, stress, and even calories. It’s easy to do, and after a few weeks you will have your system down to a science. Below are  tips for pre-preparing your healthy and delicious meals.

1. Create a simple meal plan and plan your cooking time. Your meal plan might have two different breakfasts you’ll alternate each day, plus a few dishes you can alternate for lunch and dinner. Make a list of meals you already know how to prepare. If you're craving variety, check out the VT website for new ideas.

Decide which days you’ll do your shopping and cooking, and stick to them.  

2. Stock your kitchen. In addition to the ingredients you know you’ll need for this week’s cooking, equip your kitchen with dried herbs and spices, plus easy-to-add sauces. Make sure to have canned beans in the pantry, frozen vegetables in the freezer, and pre-cooked grains in the refrigerator.

3. Get cooking. Prepare one or two complete meals that you can then eat throughout the week. Enchiladas, lasagna, noodles, casseroles, and veggie burgers all keep well. I like to make a large batch of grains and legumes to keep in the fridge, and I stock my produce drawer with fresh green vegetables. To make it delicious I add spices and sauces, alternating depending on my mood. My favorite quick meal combo is brown rice, lentils, broccoli, kimchi, and a generous drizzle of tahini. When the rice and lentils are precooked, it takes about 8 minutes to make the entire balanced and delicious meal!  

4. Make sure you’re set up to snack well. I’m a huge snacker, so to avoid midday hunger pangs and unhealthy temptations, I make sure to stock my kitchen with fresh produce, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Having the healthy stuff on hand makes it easy!  

By Jenné Claiborne 


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Carbs are my enemy and after not eating mammals for many years, I've decided to go veg. Any ideas for packable low carb lunches?

The Butternut squash lasagna link is not working. :(

Thank you!!!! I'll prepare ahead!:) I'm so very wccited about this whole new experience and I'm loving it!

Carbs are not exactly the enemy. The problem, when and what and how they are consumed. First and foremost, the greatest quantity of carbs should be consumed pre and post workout. Your body needs then to preform at its best during exercise. Second, the quality of the carb you are taking in. Oatmeal, beans, sweet potato, fruits and veggies are certainly better for you than cookies and crackers. Stay away from processed carbs. Third, anytime you consume carbs, a protein should also be consumed with it, This will help balance out the effects of carbs. There is no doubt that a vegetarian diet is carb heavy, however, it can be managed. Personally, I still consume milk, eggs and protein supplements to help meet my dietary needs. I have also added tofu, seitan and plant based protein supplements to my diet.

I would love to have more recipe for vegans. My niece is a vegan and when we have meals at my house she has just fruit that I have around.

More easy recipes and easy recipe ideas please

very helpful ... thanks!

Thanks for the heads up, M! It should be working now, and here is the link as well:

Is there a recipe for the enchiladas pictured in the blog?

Hi Anjuli, you can click on the photo to get to the recipe, or follow this link:

Thanks for all of your lovely comments! Let me know what you think of the recipes : ) John, great point about carbs. I've been getting that question a lot from blog readers and clients. Carbs don't have to be the enemy : )

Yes, vegan eating is very Carb Heavy. I'm diabetic and tried to go vegan many years ago, but it sent my blood sugars through the roof. I can't workout too hard to burn is because I have a physical disability. Once I cut back I had nothing much too eat. :( Any suggestions or reading material of those who are Diabetic Vegans and how they deal with this issue? Diabetic Vegan Cookbooks, etc.?