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TELL VT: What do you look forward to grilling this summer?

TELL VT: What do you look forward to grilling this summer?

20 Ways to Grill Fruits & Veggies

What do you look forward to grilling this summer? Share your answer below and see what others have to say. 


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The first-ever artichoke that's finally popped up on the two-year old artichoke plant in my backyard. Yay! Liz

Garlic bread. The grill gives it a crunch no toaster oven or broiler ever could.

Peaches & nectarines, especially the first ones of the season. They usually aren't really sweet, but grilling brings out the sweetness.

Plump portobellos!

Living in Tucson, Arizona, we have great grilling weather year-round. So lucky! I have spent the past 3 years perfecting a tofu marinade of my own and it's so good that I LOVE a chance to feed it to friends. It even works well on veggies! I won't give up all the secrets to my recipe, but I'll give one includes apple butter.


I am so excited to grill greens and Sweet Potatoes! YUM!

Baby bok choy! I've discovered that children love the surprisingly sweet and crunchy leaves when it's quickly rubbed with oil and some herbamare herbal salt. A very pleasant surprise.

Asparagus! Takes on a differnet flavor on the grill. A little olive oil, sea salt, and wrap in foil packet. Yum!

Sweet Maui onions from our CSA box! We chop 'em in half then throw 'em right on the grill & they are AHHHHmazing! My family looks forward to them every summer!

Tofurkey Beer Brats!

Pineapple, peaches and other summer fruits. I love the way that grilling brings out the natural sugars in the fruit!

I look forward to spending the summer on my back porch. I work and eat out there during the day. When the nights get warmer, I sleep in a hammock with my dog bedded beneath me. In the dark, I can hear the insect chorus, the rumble of thunderstorms, and the light footfalls of deers as they forage. I can track the progress of the moon across the sky. Before each dawn, I'm awakened by the birdsong that surrounds me. At no other time do I feel so much a part of life.

tofu marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil and rolled in very fine bread crumbs, then grilled in aluminum foil - super delicious! takes 15 mins, result slightly crunchy

I will be grilling everything that I can grow in the soil.

Grilled onions with cheese on top. The best!

Edamame beans with touch of smokey seasalt and chili oil.

Really love asparagus, beets, corn, baby bok choy, sweet potato, carrots, peppers - I marinate them in a favorite salad dressing and onto the grill. My husband loves green onions or sweet onions, whole mushrooms and russet potatoes. We will often grill peaches, nectarines or pineapple when we are camping - just so easy and delicious!

My go-to favorite is grilled asparagus (tossed in a little olive oil) on a very hot grill, but I just learned that grilled carrots are incredible, and I'm excited to try them!

Tempeh!! Finally managed to track down Tempeh in London (have discovered WholeFoods) and look forward to sampling for the first time this summer! Besides that, some juicy peppers, salty chewy halumi and Quorn burgers and sausages. Mouth watering already!


Eggplant. Specifically eggplant "sandwiches" made with two slices of eggplant on the outside, with a tomato slice, a basil leaf, and a slice of mozzarella on the inside. I season them with a just a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. So good!

I absolutely love BBQ'ed portobello mushrooms! I spray them with coconut oil, and sprinkle with pink Himalayan salt and cracked lemon pepper. They are especially delicious cooked on a charcoal grill!

Never thought I would say this...okra! Last year when a yoga student of mine offered me some okra from her garden I told her I had tried it and didn't care for it. She told me to try grilling it. I love it now! All it needs is a bit of olive oil and sea salt and grill.