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TELL VT: What do you miss most from your pre-veg diet?

TELL VT: What do you miss most from your pre-veg diet?


Jack Burgers


TELL VT: What do you miss most from your pre-veg diet, and what do you eat now to satisfy your hankering?

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The breading from chicken strips, pepperoni on my pizza, convenience foods, not being upset when I see a chopped up animal wrapped in plastic in a grocery store. Lol. Being vegetarian is not fun.


Hot Wings

Nothing. I liked eating meat.

Cured meats (ie salami,etc). It's hard to find that same lactic acid based taste in veg*n food. I've started experimentingwith making vegan cheese, so maybe once I get that fermentation process down, I could apply it to soy curls or something else chewy.

Pepperoni pizza, turkey bacon, roasted chicken, chicken pot it. But for many reasons (i.e. for humans, animals and this earth) the price is too high to go back and eat meat. I "won't" go back...

I really don't miss meat, nor even bacon. What I miss is how easy it was for me to find something to eat when dining out. Now I have to mix and match side dishes to make a meal. This is especially hard when traveling outside the US.

Haha! Not one thing. Seriously.

Chicken, egg, and cheese bagel from chic-fil-a.

As a Wisconsinite, bratwursts. Tofu can just never have that same delicious, smoky, spicy flavor!

convenience. cultural connection, I have amazing meals now, but they take more thought to produce.

Roasted chicken Bacon

boredom...i am NEVER bored wondering how yet again to cook a chicken breast - hope the chicken is runnin, free and laughin,

Disgusting, but true, HOT DOGS!!! I have never found a satisfactory replacement.

I think what I miss the most is bacon. When I smell it, I just want to eat a slice! Otherwise than that, nothing really. I feel better, look better, overall, I live better.

Texas style BBQ and good polish kielbasa. I cannot have soy and my gluten has to a a minimum so there are few if any substitutes

Corned Beef and corned-beef hash! I still have yet to find a good substitute for the flavors in corned beef, especially crucial on St. Paddy's day

I don't miss anything. I haven't eaten meat for over 20 years. I enjoy fish, pasta, fresh local vegetables., hot pot Japanese .

Besides a great burger? Pig!!! Ham sandwiches, ham and cheese omelets, pork ribs, so yeah . . . pork in general but it's all good. I am loving my veggie life!

I miss beef jerky, but i have replaced it with roasted seaweed which i love equally of not more! It satisfies my salty cravings and is much healthier and affordable.

Meatball subs, an occasional treat when I was a kid, smell so good to me now! However, after six years, no other meat or meat product really appeals to me (how did I ever like marshmallows?!). Now soy-based burgers satisfy my hoagie cravings perfectly.

I miss having to plan what I might order from a menu or what I will eat this week. I miss the ease of always being able to find breakfast, lunch and dinner at the drop of a hat. Ahhhh!!! The price I pay for good health and happiness!

So many things at times I want to weep.. but the thought of going back..can't do it.

After being vegetarian for only 1 year, I can honestly say I miss the ease of going out to dinner with family or friends and being able to look at the menu and my 100 choices. In the end, I would not go back. It has taught me to try many more veggies out there, I feel and look healthier, and it has saved me money not only from going out to eat but also in the grocery store. Meat was the one item on my grocery bill that cost the most, not any more. I wouldn't go back. I have since lost 45 pounds and feel great.


Good ol' gummy worms! That's why there is other candy, right?!?

Bacon! And ribs!

Fried, crispy chicken. ..

I loved to eat doner kebab before I became a vegetarian. I don't really miss it and today I'm very happy with falafel!

i have been veggie for 15 years now and vegan for 3. what do i miss? mac & cheese & lou malnati's tomato & spinach deep dish pizza! i make my own vegan mac & cheese now, but I still haven't found a delicious replacement for some vegan deep dish.....

I have been vegetarian for 14 years and vegan for 3 months. I don't miss meat at all but I REALLY miss cheese sometimes...especially pizza and calzones. There aren't many good alternatives in my small SW Virginia town, so I am learning to make my own.

Nothing - I am surprised that people want to put any sort of dead animal in their mouth.Gross! I am going to unfollow you.

I just miss not having to put my familiy down everytime they offer a meat dish especially during the holidays. Also any tips on veggie dishes for kids??

Peruvian dishes, most of the contain pork chicken or beef. Now I just cook the Peruvian dishes without the meat. Good thing I have a Peruvian restaurant nearby that has some veg options

Instead of thinking about what we can't/choose not to eat, why not focus on a favorite new food discovered since becoming a vegetarian or vegan? My favorite plant-based food is seitan in all forms, but especially the Fieldroast Italian sausages. Yum!

I eat vegetables. Not veggies formed in the shape of something from my pre-veg diet, but, actual, real, vegetables not trying to be meat. The question assumes I miss meat, but that's why I left it - eating meat has no appeal either ethically or nutritionally. The only time I'm left hankering is when I'm somewhere there is a dearth of vegetarian protein sources, and then, it's not about meat, but hankering for proper nutrition, which most certainly doesn't mean meat to me.

Probably what I miss most is roast turkey on Thanksgiving. Now we celebrate life with a Tofurky roast hot from the oven with all the trimmings and enjoy the fact that no turkey had to make a sacrifice for us.

Bacon! Luckily your tempeh bacon recipe more than satisfies that craving:

I've been vegetarian for 19 years and I can honestly say the only meat I still find appealing is seafood like shellfish.

Do I miss eating bits of dead animals? No. I'm no longer burdened with that bizarre craving.

Can't say I miss meat, or else I wouldn't be a vegetarian. I guess Easter Peeps would be the closest thing. There isn't really a replacement so I just eat all the other candy!

25 years and I can honetly say Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! I never want to eat animals ever again!

I am vegan now, but icecream used to be my absolute favourite dessert. However, I've recently discovered the miracle that is "Yonanas". Its frozen bananas (and/or other fruits) put through a machine that whips it up like soft serve icecream. Its so good that I've even converted my meat-loving boyfriend!

I can't imagine ever going back, but some days, I do miss my grandma's meatballs, chicken shawerma, and a piping hot corn dog.

Sometimes I still feel a slight "craving" for red meat (I hesitate to even call it that because I also have a strong aversion to the very same food!). I figured out, though, that this usually means I haven't been eating quite enough iron. So, I developed a slower cooker soup I call the "Iron Horse": black lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes, and crushed tomatoes. It's so yummy, and it totally satisfies that mysterious craving.

A Big Mac from "Rotten Ronald's" :(

I've been a vegetarian for only a month now, but so far there isn't anything that i really miss. I used to love a big, greasy medium-rare burger but now i savor the flavor of a healthy black bean burger. My body feels better, i have more energy and I've lost 15 pounds from diet change alone.

I've been a veg for 15 years and at first I really missed sushi! Veggie sushi can pretty much be found everywhere though and is so delicious. Some places even get fancy and I've had a portabello mushroom roll that was just heaven. When friends suggest sushi I always know now that I'll have something yummy and satisfying to eat :)

I miss barbecue. Not necessarily the meat, but the sauce that envelops the meat. But I recently made up a recipe for barbecue tempeh. It's spicy, sweet and tangy, and it satisfies the worst barbecue cravings! I grill it on my cast iron grill pan, and serve it with brown rice and steamed veggies. It seriously makes me happy. :)

Grilled medium rare T-bone steak