TELL VT: What Frozen Fruit or Veggie Do You Always Keep on Hand?

By vt_editor November 6, 2013 Categories: TELL VT


We want to know: What frozen fruit or veggie do you always keep on hand? Leave your comment below, and see what others have to say. Our favorite responses will be published in the next issue of Vegetarian Times.

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Tomatillos for salsa that I make twice a week. Frozen blueberries, mangoes and strawberries for smoothies. Peas, carrots and green bean blend for Mexican rice. Edamame packets to throw in lunch boxes.

Christi Javana - 2013-12-08 20:35:18

California blend - broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots which I can cook a million ways, and they taste great with everything, or add some rice or gluten-free pasta for a complete meal.

Lisa - 2013-11-22 18:13:37

Blueberries, to throw in a smoothie or for a breakfast yogurt parfait!

Julia - 2013-11-22 00:14:33

spinach, blueberries

Jo Everett - 2013-11-21 17:03:27

I always have a Normandy Blend of veggies, which is caulflower, broccoli, carrots and yelow squash. They are fantastic with pasta, rice or any grain with any sauce, such as marinara, alfredo or just use your imaganation! Fantastic!

Lin Wheeler - 2013-11-21 14:32:49

Chopped cleaned leeks. I use them instead of fried onions as a base for soups and stews etc, and instead of green onions in salads.

N W de Kraker - 2013-11-20 16:35:51

Peas. Edamame. Fordhook Lima Beans. Yellow Corn. Cut Green Beans. Chopped Spinach. All so handy and higher quality than canned.

Rachel - 2013-11-20 15:51:05

Petite peas! So good and good for you. Quick to cook, or use raw. Combine with a multitude of tastes/ethnic cuisines. Lots of fun to eat with mashed potatoes...

Jean Nadeau - 2013-11-20 15:30:55

Spinach and broccoli for emergency 'need something green' NOW!

Lynn - 2013-11-20 15:01:21

I always have blueberries, green beans, peas and of course frozen garbanzo beans, pinto beans and black beans that I have cooked from dried!!

Kelly B - 2013-11-20 14:42:36

Broccoli - I'm not a fan of it raw and I'm too lazy to chop and steam it myself, so it is super convenient. Topped with a quick sauce of hummus thinned with a little lemon juice, and it's dinner time!

Becky - 2013-11-20 13:57:21

Frozen peas! Spinach and zucchini as well.

Melissa - 2013-11-20 09:50:43

Peas, corn. Spinach, chilies, ginger, any of these ingredients can be used in a multitude of dishes. Also raspberries, lifts any choc browine, especially with a blob of vanilla ice cream.

Karen Moulin - 2013-11-20 07:22:39

I always have organic green beans and corn. They're my 5 year old daughter's favorite so we are sure to never run out. Also I purée end of season organic strawberries to freeze for strawberry compote and peel and cut ripe bananas to make carmelized bananas for weekend pancakes or waffles.

Laurel Janardhan - 2013-11-20 06:28:52

Frozen bananas for ice-cream (just toss them in the food processor and blend till smooth). Diced squash. Cooked beans.

Alexandra - 2013-11-20 05:16:20