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TELL VT: What's the Best Kitchen Gift You've Ever Received?

TELL VT: What's the Best Kitchen Gift You've Ever Received?

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We want to know: What's the best kitchen gift you've ever received? Leave your comment below, and see what others have to say. Our favorite responses will be published in the next issue of Vegetarian Times.


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We recently received a Vitamix as a wedding gift, and hardly a day goes by that it doesn't get used!

My electric knife sharpener. If I have to do it by hand, I tend to sharpen my knives about once a year. With this, I can touch one up in 5 seconds when I'm trying to peel a squash and need a little power boost.

It has to be a tie between my kitchen aid, food processor and vitamix!

My rice cooker, hands down. It's nearly five years old and has been a fock solid performer since day one!

The magic bullet is the best kitchen gift ever. Ive had it for two years and it rocks...

Food processor was a gift we got for Christmas about 4 or 5 years ago. We use it all the time. But we gifted ourselves a Vitamix last spring and that is used every morning for smoothies and for soups all the time now.

It's very simple, but a few years ago, my aunt gave me a cast iron skillet that she wasn't using. I now use it almost every day, and I love it. :)

My Vita-Mix and Fagor digital electric pressure cooker.

my little citrus zester :-)

Hands down my electric tea kettle! It has variable temperature settings for different types of tea, which is pretty cool for a tea fanatic like myself. I use it every day!

My potato ricer from my mom! Its one of the best tools for the kitchen, so easy to use, doesn't require much effort, and the result is a light, lump-free fluffy potato mash! And the best part, I can use it to mash just about any boiled veggie I want!

It was actually a gift to myself because I couldn't wait till Christmas but my Paderno Spiralizer! I haven't eaten pasta since I got my hands on it now I can make all those yummy pasta recipes with zucchini and it's guilt free!

My Rancillo Silvia espresso machine. The coffee it delivers is just devine!

My mother's potato masher. There's none other quite like it!

My grandma gave me a bunch of her vintage kitchen aprons. It's so amazing to think about life events that happened while she wore them (in the same kitchen she's been cooking in for 60 years!).

Oh, the best kitchen gift I ever received would be my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. That has saved my arms so many many times in those holiday baking marathons. It kneads bread, cuts homemade pasta and makes the best cakes!

My Vitamix and my Demeyere conical saucepan.

The vitamix is the best kitchen gift i have ever received

My first pressure cooker was a Christmas gift that I've used often ever since. Atmospherically cooked soups just can't compare.

The best kitchen gift I've ever received was my very first blender. It was given to me as a birthday/graduate school graduation gift by my boyfriend. That's how you know you've snagged a good one!

Food processor. Right after I joined a company, I started bringing in homemade treats. One afternoon, I was called to the break room, and my co-workers were standing around a table. They gave me a food processor! After 12 years, my food processor is in good shape and still helps me in the kitchen.

My best kitchen gift ever received came from my older sister. I had always admired the Kitchen Aid stand mixer given to her by a long-term boyfriend. After she met Mr. Right, I stood as her maid of honor. She gave me the mixer as a bridesmaid gift and made room for new memories in her kitchen!

Onion Goggles! There's a lot less crying in the kitchen now.

a woven bread basket--we use it every night to serve bread instead of leaving it in a plastic bag kitchen shears--no explanation necessary

My Analon Garlic has revolutionized my cooking experience! I love garlic and this simple tool has never failed me...7 years and counting. It minces the garlic to perfection and I can push through several cloves of garlic before having to clean it out!

A new 6 burner double oven stove for my birthday! My husband surprised me when I came home from work with it installed and ready to go! That's love!

The cast iron skillets I inherited from my late grandmother. Seasoned with years of her amazing cooking, they are a daily reminder of her and the love of cooking she instilled in me.

My grandmother's molcajete (volcanic stone mortar and pestle)- every time I am in my kitchen, it brings a smile to my face.

My bamix immersion blender! I make so many soups and this makes it so much easier! Effortless cleanup. Thank you mom.

My standing KitchenAid mixer. It was my gift to myself and I use it at least twice a week.

My Caddy cleaver, which my mother gave to me thirty-plus years ago, along with a sharpening stone. It's razor sharp, thin, and just the right size for almost any job. I use it for everything. It cuts super thin when needed, and just glides through tomatoes, or any fruit/vegetable. If I'm traveling and expect to do much cooking at my destination, I take my cleaver, even though it requires checking my bags.

Our Blendtec.......I am able to make almond milk fresh every 3 husband makes his smoothies every day.

I received an apple peeler. But not just any apple pealer. This is from Starfrit and is just too cool. It has a spindle on which you place the apple. Then as you turn the handle this little arm comes out attaches to the apple and in less than a minute the whole apple is peeled. It removes just the peel and there's almost no waste of the apple. So in 5 minutes all the apples needed for a pie are done. It's really fun to use.

without a doubt an electronic pressure cooker. I use it twice a week. love it

The best is my Vitamix. I love it and tell my mother frequently how many times a day I use it.

I received a Kitchenaid stand mixer! I wanted one for the longest time and my mom gave it to me this past September for my birthday! It felt awesome to finally see it!

The first thing was a complete kitchen remodel last year, from my 1968 kitchen. Then the next would be my Ninja food processor/blender. Love both of them.

my hands--gods gift

My grandmothers stainless steel masher. Using it makes me feel connected to my grandmother, and brings back very fond memories of watching my grandmother mash boiled vegetables. By far my most treasured kitchen item!

Hard parents bought me a Zojirushi rice cooker a few years ago that I LOVE, but the gift I have used over and over again, and remember most fondly, was when my brother and sister-in-law gifted me with sourdough starter and a ceramic crock 18+ years ago. Every time I pull that crock out of the fridge and mix up a batch of bread or pancakes, I think of how well they know me, and how much they loved me to give me such an unusual gift!

My favorite has to be my immersion blender. Soups, sauces, grinds nuts, chops, makes whip cream, guacamole...I could go on and second would be my two tiered steamer...

Vitamix! Love it!!!!

I absolutely adore my Vitamix- my housewarming gift given to me by my best friend. She is well aware of my passion to cook and spending hours experimenting new & healthy recipes. Vitamix is my new food lab to experiment and create quick, fun & healthy recipes.

My mom gave me an immersion blender for Christmas one year. I looked at it, said "Thanks, Mom", and stashed it in the back of my kitchen cupboard for a year. After all, I already had a blender. Then, one day I was making soup, and went to pull out my blender and saw the immersion blender, still pristine in its box, and thought "what the heck". It was magic! It pureed my soup in no time flat, and without the bother of transferring the hot soup into a blender container and back into the pot. Nowadays, I don't even own a countertop blender, but I always have an immersion blender.

It's a tie between the Kitchenaid stand mixer and the pressure cooker. I use both at least twice a week.

I have a little tool that minces garlic. It has a chamber where you put the peeled clove and a rotary cutter that turns and minces when you roll the attached wheels on the counter. When finished, a second chamber can be opened to remove the minced garlic. The cutting wheel comes out for easy cleaning. I guard all the parts zealously lest they become separated and make my favorite gadget unuseable! If I ever see this gadget again, I will buy several so I have a back-up and to give as gifts.

A ceramic knife from Bowery Kitchen in NYC that my husband bought me as a birthday gift. It cuts tomatoes and other veggies like a dream.

Many years ago we received a bread machine as an anniversary gift from my sister-in-law and her husband. Although I furrowed my brow at the time -- having never showed any interest in making bread -- it inspired me to learn! For the past 16 years I've been making delicious Braided Challah (Egg Bread) on Fridays; using my bread machine to prep the dough, rolling and forming by hand. What started as a lark from a quirky gift has become a family tradition!!

My favorite kitchen gift is Feemster's Famous Vegetable Slicer. It is a very inexpensive tool, but I just love it and have had mine over 30 years. I have given it as a gift to many friends as gifts. It is not the fanciest tool on my shelf, but it is definitely my favorite!

Last year for Christmas, my boyfriend surprised me with a high powered blender. We've used it everyday and I've been able to make so many nice recipes. Smoothies have never been better.