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TELL VT: What's your favorite veg-friendly vacation destination, and why?

TELL VT: What's your favorite veg-friendly vacation destination, and why?

 the stanford inn

PHOTO: The Stanford Inn by the Sea, a stunning veg-friendly eco-resort in Mendocino, California.

 TELL VT: What's your favorite veg-friendly vacation destination, and why?  Share your comment below, and see what others have to say. 


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My mom and I took a mother-daughter trip to England a few summers ago and stayed in the Lake District, outside Ambleside and Hawkshead, for a few nights at Yewfield Vegeterian bed and breakfast Guest House. It was not only beautiful, comfortable, and within walking distance to a few cozy small towns, but the continental vegetarian breakfast including fresh fruits, muesli, cereals, home baked bread, yogurt, preserves, coffee and teas, and a full cooked vegetarian breakfast using locally sourced organic produce and ingredients. They also offered vouchers to restaurants within walking/driving distance in Hawkshead or Ambleside. A definite vegetarian destination if ever choosing to leave the US for a delightful and beautiful getaway!

Pittsburg! The restaurants seem to ALWAYS have recipes for vegans or vegetarians. I was at a bridal shower there last month and I asked the restaurant for gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, low fat cookies and sandwiches and they had an amazing selection for me in less than 15 minutes!

Spa Eastman !! In Quebec, Canada. A wonderfull place to relax and eat well.. Their conferences are always inetresting. My favorite place to go to reconnect with myself and the one I love.

Edinburgh Scotland. Walk into a bar on the royal mile and see that they have a star next to Haggis and Bangers and Mash, which indicates a Vegetarian option. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised that we had lots of options at all the restaurants, and not just the Indian restaurants

I'd return to Nashville to see great music and dine at some of my favorite vegetarian restaurants. Woodlands serves outstanding vegetarian Indian cuisine including a lunch buffet that's almost entirely vegan. The Wild Cow's menu is so tempting that it's hard to choose only one entree (we over-ordered and happily ate leftovers.) We found so many unexpected veg-friendly surprises, like the BBQ Asian Tofu sandwich at Mitchell's Deli.

A surprising new twist to our trips each December to Cabo San Lucas are the two new organic farms with farm to table restaurants on the San Jose de Cabo hotel corridor. A fun outdoor venue with adjacent farm market, bakery, art gallery, and manicured gardens is Flora's Field Kitchen ( There we enjoyed great salads, fresh lemonades and wine in mason jars, and yummy sandwiches while communing with nature. At Huerta los Tamarindos (, we participated in a cooking class experience. First, we toured the fields in the naturally irrigated oasis where our chef gathered items like fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, and other seasonal vegetables. Then we went back to his outdoor brick oven kitchen where we learned to chop herbs professionally while seated around a long farm table wearing special chef aprons. We created a wonderful infused cooking oil made from herbs, garlic, grape seed and olive oil, and then used it to baste tomatillos, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini flowers, and more before they were roasted in the brick oven. The experience was capped off with numerous glasses of local organic wine and luncheon outside on the porch overlooking the gardens and ancient tamarind trees. We took home printed recipe sheets to share our new skills with friends and family! Also, we recommend a new restaurant in downtown Cabo San Lucas called Artichoke. Check out their martinis...Baja California seems to be evolving from traditional tourist Mexican fare and embracing the healthful practices of its Northern neighbor.

Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. Life altering classes, organic farm with incredible veggie foods, cooking classes and much more. Can't ask for a better week of rejuvenation.

I spent time visiting my sister in southern Ca. For six months. I so love that beautiful state. My favorite place that I would love to visit is the Gentle Barn. They post some awesome vegan restaurants. I live in the state of Rhode Island and not one vegan restaurant that I know of.

Opal Creek Wilderness in Oregon offers many different courses and educational opportunities in a wilderness setting with some of the best vegetarian meals I have ever eaten. I took my Wilderness First Responder Re certification Course there. The resort offers several cabins with dining in a central location. Twice a day there is a shuttle from the parking lot to the resort that picks up luggage. The guests take an easy hike into the area. No personal vehicles allowed. This is an outstanding venue for learning and enjoying great food. I highly recommend the experience. They do offer family programs as well as programs geared more to the adult.

I'm fortunate enough to have visited India twice, and it is every bit as vegetarian friendly as you would imagine. I also visited my father in the Seattle area last year and went on an overnight trip to Victoria, BC with him. Both cities have plenty of veg options in every restaurant. Even the Mariner's ballpark, SafeCo Field, has an amazing variety of veg food!