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Tofu Scramble Tips

Tofu Scramble Tips

Tofu is a versatile staple in any plant-strong diet. It’s also a mystery to many people. I stayed away from tofu for years in my own kitchen because I didn’t know how to prepare it. It always ended up a soggy mess on my plate.

That all changed when I picked up some tofu-making techniques and got busy experimenting in the kitchen. Today, I use this protein-rich food in several dishes a week for my family. If you're new to tofu, one fool-proof way of preparing it is to make a tasty breakfast scramble. I’m a tofu scramble addict. I love that you can get creative with your scrambles to make good use of whatever leftover produce is sitting in your crisper. Also, tofu scramble isn’t just for breakfast. I like to wrap it up in a tortilla with some greens for lunch or dinner too. Or, skip the tortilla and roll it up in a large kale or collard leaf.

To get some expert tips on how to make tasty tofu scrambles, I went to Christy Morgan, author of one of my favorite cookbooks—Blissful Bites.

Q What type of tofu is best for scrambles?

To make the best tofu scramble, choose extra firm tofu. My favorite brand is Wildwood.

Q How do you prepare the tofu before cooking it?

A First, remove tofu from the package and wrap it in a paper towel. Then, wrap it in a dish cloth. Place wrapped tofu between two cutting boards with a few heavy books on top. Press for about 15 minutes. You’ll notice the water draining out of the tofu.

Q What do you do after you press it?

A Use your hands to crumble the tofu into a bowl; toss with spices (ground turmeric will give your scramble a golden hue), nutritional yeast, and a few dashes of tamari or soy sauce. Mix until well-coated. Let mixture sit for 10 minutes while you prep the veggies.

Q How do you prep, cook, and integrate the veggies into the scramble?

A Saute the veggies in a touch of oil or veggie broth until just tender. Set aside. In the same skillet, brown tofu, then fold in the veggies. I like zucchini and fresh corn in the summer; mushrooms, bell pepper, and broccoli anytime of year; and  sun-dried tomatoes, collard greens, and pesto in the fall.  

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By Corinne Bowen 


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Okay....I'll try it!

I pulse zucchini, mushrooms, and onions in food processor, then saute with minced garlic. I then add turmeric, tomato paste, cider vinegar, liquid smoke, tofu and cook til heated through, then I add chopped spinach...wrap in a tortilla like a burrito. These are my new go to freezer breakfast wraps!

Hi Im Scenn. I enjoyed your article as i make Tofu from the bean in home and catering quantities. This way you can choose the textures you want, firm (as usually found in retail outlets) very firm, tough, crispy skinned even before cooking. I don't know Wildwood but I've never seen tough retailed. Immediate masking in favorite flavor liquids to impart flavor before cooking can really transform the taste as can other texture changing effects before cooking for example as you can see on the cover of my facebook page at Scenn's Tofu lesson. If you're ever on holiday in Thailand please drop by for a chat and a free Tofu lesson for your family Corinne

Just had tofu tacos for dinner. First time cooking tofu & I followed your preparation instructions above. They were DELISH!!! I added plenty of veggies & salsa. I am now a tofu-lover! Thank you for the tips.

I love spinach, onions and nutritional yeast in my tofu scramble. Top it with some salsa and it is delicious!

YUM! These tofu tips sound awesome! I am always looking for healthy energy packed recipes, as well as meals that will satisfy the carnivore that I am married to and our carno-veggie kids. :) Using tofu in a scramble or in other ways is usually a big hit. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I also blog about recipes and the healthy vegetarian lifestyles at if you are interested. Thanks again!

The veggie I use most in my tofu scramble is Kale. It's always a constant. Also, Sriracha makes a frequent appearance as well. Love me some spice!

Definitely lots of onions, zucchini, spinach and mushrooms. See the result here - I used Isa Moskowitz recipe, super firm tofu from Trader Joe's and lots of spices - the scramble was a winner!