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Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s In-Transit Snacks

Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek’s In-Transit Snacks


Are you gearing up for an adventure-packed vacation? Below, ultramarathoner and 
Eat and Run author Scott Jurek shares his picks for healthy carry-on snacks.

Flora 7 Sources Oil Getting high-quality plant-based essential fatty acids on the road can be tough so I fill a couple 3 oz. bottles with this oil and pack them with my liquid toiletries. Two to three tablespoons a day makes sure I am getting my Omegas.

Green Magma Barley Juice Powder While on the go, access to fresh greens and veggies can be limited, so I get my greens plus a dose of vitamins and minerals with Green Magma. Having a powdered form is super convenient and I take one tablespoon with 6 oz. of water in the morning.

Pea & Brown Rice Protein Powder I always pack a ziplock bag with a blend of pea and brown rice protein. By mixing the two I ensure I am getting the full range of essential amino acids. For a quick protein hit, I mix 2 to 3 tablespoons with Clif Shot Electrolyte Drink.

Clif Kit's Organic Fruit & Nut Bars I make sure I throw a few of these gluten-, soy-, and dairy- free bars in my bag. They’re are all-organic, whole-food-based, and tasty!


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In addition to powdered foods, nuts and seeds are portable and easy. They supply you with some essential fatty acids/ omegas as well. Dried fruits are also great. Dates, mango, pineapple, apricots, berries as well as good ole' raisins. At most healthy stores, you can even find dried vegetables in the form of kale chips and "just peas" and "just veggies" and the like. Go for organic, raw, no sugar, and no preservatives added or with all of these (nuts seeds, fruit and veggies) and consume with enough water. In addition, I've found that packing fresh carrots and celery works well. They can go a long time before needing refrigeration, and will stash nicely in your hotel fridge. Speaking of hotel appliances, I've brought along rolled oats and made really good oatmeal (with raisins and walnuts!) using the coffee maker. And I have been known to travel with my Vitamix and a bunch of kale, but perhaps that's a bit much for some.

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