Veg Celeb: Dylan Gelula

By Amy Spitalnick May 30, 2014 Categories: TV, Veg Celeb

Photography by Bryony Shearmur 


Summer’s not just for reruns anymore, it’s a TV season all its own. Actress Dylan Gelula can be seen in two new series launching in June: TV Land’s Jennifer Falls, debuting June 4, and ABC Family’s Chasing Lifestarting June 10. Gelula’s been meat-free for most of her 20 years.


You’ve been meat-free since age 5. How did that happen?

It was Thanksgiving. I asked my mom what turkey was made out of; the answer was revelatory. I was vegetarian from then on out. Three years ago, I cut out all animal products entirely, for health and moral concerns.


Are you the only one in your family who’s vegan?

After seeing my success, my mom decided to go vegan as well. She’s from Tennessee; it goes against everything she was raised to believe about bacon fat, but she loves it. Other than that, I’m surrounded by meat eaters. My boyfriend is omnivorous, but I don’t kiss him immediately after he eats a burger, so it’s fine.


What food are you into lately? How do you like it prepared?

Hempseed! I toast a piece of good bread, put some avocado slices on it, and then lemon juice and hempseeds. Mmm.


What’s surprised you most about being in the cast of a TV series?

I’m awed by the energy given in service of a project that’s bigger than us. It feels like so many people working tirelessly to put on a show, and that’s inspiring.

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