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Veg Celeb: Linda Perry

Veg Celeb: Linda Perry


PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Burns

Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project puts other talent reality shows to shame in that it truly is unscripted. Authenticity was one of the requirements for songwriter-producer Perry to sign onto the VH1 show. Debuting this summer, Make or Break follows the co-writer of such hits as “Get the Party Started” and “Beautiful” as she mentors aspiring music-makers vying for a deal on her label, Custard Records.


What does it take to succeed on Make or Break? What characteristics do you see as key to a contestant making it? 

All I’m looking for is honest raw emotion. You would be shocked to find out how hard that is.


What might surprise people about your process of songwriting?

Just how I dive right into it blind. The art of the unknown needs more exploration.


Why did you go vegan?

It felt like the right thing to do energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I love life and every little creature in it. I can’t kill anything, even those pesky flies that hover around when you’re trying to eat.


Congratulations on your wedding to Sara Gilbert last March. What was your favorite thing on the menu?

My brother, Chef Jay Perry, made this do-it-yourself quinoa bowl: he mixed three quinoas, and then gave us a bunch of different vegetable toppings and three dressings. So good, so healthy, so clean.