Vegan Purses: Carry-alls with Conscience

By Aurelia d'Andrea October 10, 2012 Categories: Fashion

Eco-fashion is having a “moment.” Not just any kind of moment, but a big, fancy, grown-up kind of moment with words like “luxury” and “sophistication” attached to it. It’s about time!  More than a few style-conscious consumers are willing to pay for quality materials and construction when they’re backed with an animal-free guarantee. If you’re one of them, these certifiably vegan-friendly handbags are worth the splurge.


This sweatshop-free, pure vegan brand offers chic options ranging from wallets to travel totes. Beyond the eye-catching styles and colors, each bag boasts an additional flourish—a stud, zipper, or tassel—that makes it extra-special. The one-year, free-repair policy is pretty awesome, too.

Ann & Arayata

These hand-woven raffia handbags are proof that “natural” and “sophisticated” are not mutually exclusive concepts. Produced by local artisans in the Philippines using traditional looms and plant-based dyes, each clutch and purse offers function and fashion with an earthy touch.

Cornelia Guest

The woman behind this brand was the Paris Hilton of her day, but she’s made the leap from tabloid newspapers to ethical entrepreneurism, turning love of animals into a booming accessories business. Her dazzling collection of faux-leather totes and satchels is spot on for uptown girls with heart.


Haven’t pooled enough pennies for a luxe, non-leather bag? Head to Target to find stylish purses designed with the proletariat in mind.  The big-box chain regularly features cruelty-free collections by famous names in fashion, and this bag, by New York label Kirna Zabete, is the latest trendy example.

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Cool vegan bag collection!! Ann & Arayata is my favorite ;) TESAGE's vegan leather purse is also cool!! Check this IndieGoGo campaign:

TOMO - 2015-03-06 21:37:58

Love all of the colors & styles! :-)

jennifer - 2012-10-12 17:19:47

We hope you find the perfect vegan purse, Kelley!

Aurelia - 2012-10-12 09:44:09

Lovely bags!! Great selection, especially the Orange bag from Gunas. Glad to have discovered this brand!

Amber Phillips - 2012-10-12 02:18:21

Looking for vegan purses, enjoyed this info.

Kelley Griffin - 2012-10-11 14:46:54