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VT CHALLENGE: Sprouts, They Grow Up So Quick

VT CHALLENGE: Sprouts, They Grow Up So Quick

 Sprouts, They Grow Up So Quick

February 23, 2009

For our March issue, Mary Margaret Chappell, VT’s Food Editor, embarked upon a sprouting journey, that in a mere six days, enlightened and rewarded her. Not only did she see how easy it is to grow sprouts, but she also had the pleasure of dining on her accomplishments. Now I’m intrigued—I have to see for myself.

Day 1: I bike over to my local coop and purchase some red clover seeds in the bulk bin, as well as a pack of cheesecloth to use as a breathable lid. (I also buy a bag of “5 Part Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds” on a rack by the produce, in case I actually get hooked on sprouting.) Later, I recycle a cleaned out jar of sauerkraut to be my sprouts’ home and soak the seeds in water overnight.

Day 2: I drain the water from the seeds. Pour more water to rinse, and then drain again. Lastly, I cover the jar with a small piece of cheesecloth, which I secure with a rubber band.

Day 3: It’s Monday, which means I’m off to work for nine hours, but no worries, because all my sprouts need are a quick watering and drain. I do this just before I leave in the morning, and when I get home at night.  Come evening, there are little white ends “sprouting” up everywhere.

Day 4: Another day of easy rinsing and draining. My two minutes per day are paying off—the sprouts are getting bigger!!!

Day 5: By Wednesday, my sprouts start bunching. Wetting and draining becomes easier because they’re sticking to each other rather than the jar.

Day 6: My sprouts look just like they do when you buy them at the store, but better, because I grew them.

Guess what I’m having on my salad today?

—Gabrielle Harradine, Assistant Editor

P.S. Share your own sprouting experiences and wisdom below!

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I remember growing some sprouts in a jar with my mom growing up. It was a lot of fun and they were yummy! Thanks for the inspiration to do try it again!

Williams Sonoma now carries a great sprouting kit..works great, can't wait to try different seeds for sprouting. It has several levels so I start a new level every few days and have fresh sprouts all week. And found that a small handful out of the tray is kind of a good snack!

I'm having a great time sprouting everything from leafy sprouting mixes that I'm buying online to regular ol' lentils, mung beans and whole wheat berries. The quick growing is great. I've always got two different things sprouting on my kitchen counter. I use a 1 quart canning jar with the ring top, and a piece of nylong screen that I bought at the hardware store. I also have a sprouting device for the smaller seeds from sproutpeople.org (a great source for videos and seeds and everything sprouts!)

i bought a sprouting kit. instructions said something about soaking the seeds in bleach to prevent e coli or salmonella or something... which can be present in all seeds. discouraged and put it away. anybody else hear of this?

I love sprouting, but I have so many, I need more recipes that are not just salads! Help!!